Modified Koowheel two stage build

Hey guys, after reading for some time I have decided to start a build log, to share ideas and get some useful information and feedback on this build i have in mind. To keep things short, I have a Koowheel board, that i want to transform to a decent E longboard, the goal is to have a good looking and a good performing board with the option to be able to use AT wheels, money wise I will divide this build into two sections, single drive and dual drive, Ok, so here’s the plan:

Deck: For first build stage i will use the original deck, I do want a twin tail, drop through deck in the future (no ideas for it) Battery: I will use an original koowheel battery for now and make a 12s most likely 3p battery in the second stage. Trucks, I already have 184 calibers, so will be sticking with those. Motor and vesc: This is the area i have most doubts, the idea is to buy this kit in the first stage, limit the amp draw from the battery till I’ll buy a second motor and make a battery.

once the board is done, I’m hoping for a top speed in the 45-50km range, and atleast 20km of range. Is this realistic to hope for? For wheels I’ll just get a pair of 90mm abec copys for the rear, for the finished build I’m still thinking of Evolve 83mm street wheels and a set of 4 AT wheels from Gears and pulleys I have not decided yet, will want the 3d printed pulleys for a smooth look. Remote will be the cheapest one from ebay and will be updated in the future.

And I think that’s pretty much it? For now I can only ask for deck recomendations and about my motor choice, will this give me enough power as a dual setup for the board to feel fun? I’m a light rider, 170ish pounds, and don’t have a lot hills in my town.


It must be cold.

nah, not really :grinning: only -10

The battery of the koowhell is really starting to lose it’s capacity, I was thinking of an easy cheap and fast solution by putting 2 5s lipos to have the same 10s battery, is there a reason why it would not work? I was thinking about these ones I’m not sure how much amps the motors draw, but I think it would be enough?

Okey, one more brainstorm question from me, started to go into dilema of Good&expencive but not soon VS not sure how good, but cheap and soon, by just putting a dual kit from diy boards (2x1400) with an ESC, and leaving as it is for now, i’m just not sure if performance wise I would be happy?

Hey @Komamtb this looks like a great idea! Is that a picture of your build?

I Owned a Koowheel DM3 for a few months & put 321.869 km (200+ miles) on it with average speed in the 32kph (20mph) range up to max speed of about 41km (26miles). My average battery life was a max of 22.5km (14 miles) with good speed; then the speed would drop to a walking pace; as battery protection kicked in (*max range included with very, very slow mode after going fast for 22.5km was about 29km (18 miles). These are figures With backpack & my weight on board of about 90 kilo total (200 lbs) & temperature of about 21 Celsius (70F).

I’d like to also modify my Koowheel & change the esc to perhaps a VESC but know little about doing so. Keep us posted about which esc/vesc you use & how you did it. I am hesitant to take something that is currently functioning apart as I am now out of warranty.

Hey there, yes, this one is mine, the biggest problem with this board as far as I can see is only the battery, this thing, for being only 700w of power goes really good, you can not put a VESC i think, for a hub motors, only for normal ones. With a good battery of more than 300wh, new trucks and bearings, on a good day this thing would be amazing.

And the koowheel will get some new parts!

I have a 12s4p battery coming, it is in a square configuration, not the ideal thing, but will try to rewire it in 4 packs for a new deck.

Bought a wheel+pulley kit from DIYboard.

Bought a random cheap remote from ebay.

Bought 2 hobby king motor mounts.

I’m pulling a triger for some torqueboards parts:

2x 6355 motors, 2x Vescs, Canbus cable and a xt 90 double conector.

For now I think it is everything I need to make the board rideable, am I missing out on something?

Few things I would like to ask: will I be able to mount both motor mounts on the same truck in any configuration? Some light moding to the trucks or the mounts are in considaration. Not sure if the belt lenght will be good, I know that 15/36 gearing with 255mm belt works on those mounts, mine will be 13/35 with 250 belts, so a really close call.

Don’t have any more questions at the moment, any feedback will be apreciated!

So I made a few changes to my wishlist, and now have these parts araving,

TB trucks, 2 x 6374 motors, vescs, and I also bought Slick reolution deck and wheels, so in the next few weeks thread will be greatly updated!

More pictures??? HERE IS my koowheel I am doing a custom look on…

it has been sprayed with black epoxy yo protect it and I am working on doing the rest of the circuit patterns today!!! I think it is coming out nice and the best part is mud wipes of with a dry cloth in less than 10 seconds!!! Check out how I did it, what I used, and how well it works with testing at BUFFALO ESKATE!!!

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Here is a picture after I started the mother board circuit pattern on top!

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You can do what we did with one koowheel board and open a battery and buy 20 1850 cells and double up your battery capacity and range to get 30+ miles all day!!! And a rider about 200 pounds rode 28 Miles on it first day non stop and said it got so o boreing doing 1 mile laps around botanical which is a good spot to test and took off after about 8 Miles around botanical and then headed all the way downtown and back home!!! The trip included multiple large hills and high speeds with a 200 pound rider but I can get about 35 Miles if I push off when starting and coast some times! You can cost 75% of your trip at around 20 mph and i have tested 3 boards and tge one i switched bearings and loosened nut on would allow the wheels to spin so freely that 2 minutes for one spin and makes a big difference when you have no resistance in wheels and can push off and work the throttle up slowly but still get up to speed in less than 5 seconds and then coast for 20-30 seconds n then work in to controller to about 20 and let off again! I can hit speed in 3-5 seconds to then coastal the way down whole street and then start applying my brake to charge battery! And if you are coasting and charging your battery with brake when slowing down and Keep up with your bearings you can get 8-12 Miles and still have 3 lights … or 12-15 Miles n still have 2 lights if ride right and not above 200, but real high winds pushing AGAINSTS board are hard if strong enough high wind… I have a lot of mods and projects with these boards at BUFFALO ESKATE IF INTERESTED like swapping deck, or battery mods, or battery meter installed, and the coolest looks custom done by my a tattoo artist years before any of This, Along with custom painter, and anything art related, or with design, or engineering!!! So if interested in any of this hit the SUBSCRIBE and bell icon and let me know what you are interested in seeing in videos!!! GRIP TAPE art ideas??? CUSTOM ideas??? Mods??? And I have a ton I am always doing even today so I will upload what i get done later

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CUSTOM PAINTED controller to match…

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Yeah, about the Koowheel

My new parts started araving, so I use it as simple commuter

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So most of the parts are here and I made a regular longbord for commuting, going to make this a drop through deck in the next days, I can see that my hobby king motor mounts will not work on a drop through in reverse, so maybe I will try to make some simple ones and buy longers belts, any recommendations for them in Europe? The worst thing about this build is the battery, this will need tons of work. I have a 12s4p from 25r cells, but the pack is in vertical configuration, since it’s limited to 80a I’m not sure if I will be able to get the maximum performance from my TB 6374 motors, so I’m thinking of adding 12 more batterys to have a 100a output, is it worth it? I really don’t want to make any compromise with a weak battery, on the other hand, I have no idea how much those motors would pull.

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So I made the deck into a drop through. decided to use caliber mounting plates instead of TB, also found some custom motor mounts, but will probably cut a tiny bit off the tale to have more clearance, I will try to mount the motors as high as I can. Will make an enclousure from kydex in a few days. Bought 12 more 25r cells, so I should have battery ready by the end of next week, now I need to buy longer belts and a few pieces of mounting hardware.

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Started looking about the enclousure, my goal was to fit 60 cells flat, but they allready take up all the space! So i’m thinking eiher dremel the deck in for batteries, maybe 4-7mm and make the enclousure liped up at the end, for bms and vescs, or just make a 2 row layer of 30 cells each, staked 1 on 1 in a row of 15, but then the ground clearance will not be so great.

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So today was all about wood working. Shortened the back end of the deck for more clearance.

And made an enclosure forming box with a small press fit witch is universal and will work for sides and also the corners.


Made the middle part of the enclosure, now just have to wait for a few more kydex sheets. It’s very hard to fit 60 cells under this board, and I have only 5mm of space from cells to the edge in the middle, so my enclosure will go up a bit, not as much as seen here, I just left way more till I’LL finish it, glue it up and seal it.