Modify my truck or pulley?

Hi everyone,

I’ve just received my new wheel pulley from Evolve and it isn’t a direct fit onto the caliber trucks. I wasn’t expecting it to be, so naturally I need to modify something to make it fit.

Should I: A. modify the truck and cut the hanger back to expose more of the axle or B. modify the pulley itself by drilling out the excess plastic.


Cheers, Daniel

most people tend to cut the hangar back. personally my pulley didn’t fit and i got the shits so i cut off the Abec push in leg things and designed a washer that sat behind it and bolted my previously push on pulley onto my wheel lol Snapchat-1166774943 Screenshot_20180321-221458 Screenshot_20180321-221441 Screenshot_20180321-221520 20180321_144343 20180321_144352

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The point of me getting this new pulley is because I wanted to avoid having the bolts stick out. They’re just unslightly!

I’m going to drill the bearing holder out of the pulley. It’ll fit then without an issue. The hanger needs to be stronger than the pulley and £15 for a new pulley is nothing!

Cheers anyway!

Your pulley wont really work then, the point of the bearing is to hold it in place like screws would do.

The force on the belt is high so it will just rip it right out.

The new caliber trucks with extended axles might work , or even the torqueboards 218 which has a caliber profile just longer hanger and extended axle

I suggest not cutting out the bearing hole. It helps a lot with keeping the pulley straight, and secured onto the wheel. You will have a bad time if you cut it out trust me.

Cut back the hanger to expose more of the axle. @longhairedboy used this pulley with this method for awhile before he started making his own i believe.

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longhairedboy did the truck axle modify few years ago… im going to do the same! i have evolve gt trucks, and i am waiting for my hub motors… so i also need to extend the axles…

gr sam

I never thought of the bearing being a supporting method! With that in mind I’ll cut the hanger to suit.

There are also now extended axle 50 degree caliber II’s that may work with the evolve pulley. That’s what I’m going to be attempting once I receive mine.

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I just wanted to provide and update for those of you interested. The Evolve integrated bearing pulleys do not have enough space to fit the extended axle calibers. Theyll require slight hanger modification but will likely still allow for 12mm belts.20180926_175836 20180926_175853

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That’s good to know. I ended up removing a hefty amount of hanger to fit my new pulley on.

One issue with this newer pulley though - 38T. It feels a lot slower compared to the original 36T I had fitted.

Looks like I’ll be hunting for some larger wheels!