Modify truck/bearing

Hi guys I’m planning on transforming my board into an at version and I was planning on buying the wheels and pulleys from trampa but I noticed the smallest bearings they have is 9.2mm. Does anyone know of a way to fit 9.2mm bearing on a 8mm truck axle? (Regular caliber 2 trucks) Thanks in advance

this thread may help your quest:

@Shahar9320 I have bearing that will adapt the 8" Trampa and MBS wheels to fit on traditional 8mm skate trucks.

Really? That’s awesome! It should be 8x28x8 right? How much does it cost? @flywithgriff

Give me a few days to do some test riding when I get them and I’ll do a build post for them.

@Benji18boy’s got an AT kit for sale if you want a great deal for wheels and pulleys

Thanks , I already talked to him it’s seems ok but I will need a different motor pulley and it too won’t fit the caliber trucks

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If you want a direct mounting option with zero problems, go with @psychotiller pneumatics. They are great wheels. I am currently running a set and they are bad ass. Very smooth and no mounting issues at all on standard skate trucks. He also has pulleys and belts for them.