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Modifying the switch of an ESC

Hi everyone!
I am quite new to this page, but after looking through this awesome forum, I think I will like it a lot. I am currently in high school and I am going to make an electric Longboard as my graduation work. I have bought all my necessary bits and pieces (batteries, ESC, motor, transmitter etc.). The board that I am going to use, is selfmade and the motor mount and the drilling of the pulleys as well.
But there is a concern: I would like to use another switch, than the one that is pre installed on the ESC, is it possible to remove it and solder a new one?

Thank you very much for your help and appreciate all of your upcoming help towards other user such as me :slight_smile:

P.S. This is the ESC, that I am using:
And this is the switch, which I would like to use instead: