Modular All Terrain Gear Drive


Module 2 Straight Tooth Spur Gear Precision Milled Gears for production. The wheel gear will house a 6006 bearing and will be made from POM or nylon , have not decided which material is best. And the motor gear will likely be made from Stainless Steel Options to change gear ratios - 4.4, 4, 3.7 Rotary Encoder - Similar to what Jenso has done :slight_smile:

Prototypes on the way :slight_smile: and being tested by a few people

  • @mmaner for Surfrodz RKP or TKP
  • @Grozniy for Lacroix - designed to replace the Lacroix drive system entirely; a conversion from belt drive to gear drive
  • @Andy87 for Trampa

Designed to fit the following wheels

MBS Rockstar - and other wheels with the same bolt pattern Trampa Superstar - and other wheels with the same bolt pattern Sixshooters Haggy wheels Moon MK16 Hubs

Designed to fit the following trucks

MBS Matrix II Trampa Vertigo/Infinity Surfrodz RKP TKP

IMG_20190205_180307 IMG_20190205_173303 IMG_20190205_180105 IMG_20190218_151205 IMG_20190218_151228 IMG_20190218_151304 IMG_20190218_151357_BURST2 IMG_20190218_164229 IMG_20190218_164319 IMG_20190218_164444 Render


Modular gear drive is something that been yet to hit the scene afaik. Really excited for this!


But at what price?? :sunglasses:

Price is not confirmed, definitely a very competitive base price but add ons for people who want the rotary encoder :slight_smile:

At the start it will only be for a select number of trucks:

Surfrodz TKP Surfrodz RKP 200mm Trampa Vertigo/Infinity - lowest priority of this list MBS Matrix II

More will be added


This looks like it will be really cool! Do you think your kit will have a way of using haggy wheels with the matrix 2 trucks? Iโ€™m guessing not (because of axle size) but figured it couldnโ€™t hurt to ask.

I think its possible. I will have @Grozniy test that out since he has that setup :slight_smile:


Cool, Iโ€™m sure you have a lot of testing and finalizing to do but if all goes well when do you think you would be in production and ready to take orders? Thanks




I donโ€™t want to take any orders until there is a finished product

But I will keep it updated

Probably 1 more stage of changes and then it could be ready :slight_smile:

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Finally :pray: I think the fact that you can use one gear drive with different trucks and hubs was missing long time here. No need to spend an arm and a leg if you decide to swap out some components on your board. Really hope you get the AS5047 Encoder integrated in your gear drive. The encoder seems to bring a lot more control over start up traction. Next level :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and should be standard for all e-mtb in my opinion. Unfortunately I see it way too less used here.


Is this going to be targeted towards mountain use or on/off use? 4.4 gear ratio is too tall for 200mm tyres if you have proper hills, especially off road.

The one for prototyping is 3.7 :slight_smile:

4.4 is there for an option, its possible and its there if someone wants it

Well, 3.7 is even taller so my question remains.

Oh, thats what you mean by taller, I will have to experiment and ask a few others opinions

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I think it also depends on your motor kV. 130-150kV with 4.4 gearing should bring you already pretty good torque.


130KV Maytechs from OKP would work well

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any pictures?

Soon. I have 3D printed ones, but late next week I will have the prototype so I will just keep you waiting :rofl:


Depends on the hills. Where I live 5.0 gearing and 140-150kv can barely cope.


Oh ha, seems really hilly :sweat_smile: a bit jealous now :pensive: