Modular drive systems - Eon, Dash, Mellow, x2?

Before I delve into a custom build, I’d like to get into this hobby with something off the shelf - have ordered the Acton s2 off their indiegogo for $529 shipped, but am considering these other drive options instead, as I’d prefer to use my own deck and trucks. Thoughts?

none of these are out yet…Dash looks like they won’t even make it…(also china hubs lol)

also mellow is like 2k+ I’ll build a custom quad hub board for that price! :sunglasses:

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Why do you say that about Dash? Nobody said they won’t make it, “china hubs” are made in collaboration with Jacob. Don’t spread misinformation please. Also mellow is completely produced in Germany, you can put it on any board you want, costs 1699 (not 2k+), 2 years warranty, swappable battery packs plane-friendly as well. I wouldn’t buy eon, and I’m not really convinced about Acton, seems pretty mediocre. Nobody wants a 4 hubs heavy beast, modular drive systems are a good idea, they just have to grew a bit more. Waiting for Mellow to lower prices (1699 is still good, considering the price of a Boosted, that has nothing new)

i am saying they probably won’t make it because they are 20 days left and less than 20% funded.

Jacob helped to make one hub, not all of them! theirs is a very cheap version you can find from online.

and mellow is 1699 E + 75 shipping = $1881 + Deck = 2k+. for only 99whr :money_mouth:

and you sir need to work on sarcasm.

Hummies huge hubs!!!

They specified they know Jacob in person, I don’t think they are buying stuff from alibaba an putting it together. About sarcasm, I would use it with people who know this stuff, not who’s asking for advices about their own money. If I were him, reading your comment would probably make me change idea about something that’s actually a good concept (especially if he already has a deck he likes) That said, at this point I wouldn’t buy any of those and just grab a pair of hummie’s, compact 10s3p and vesc for half the price and, in case I want to swap deck, just unscrew enclosure and components and change it. :wink: