Modular kits including Nucbot and Shenzhen Seasmore Network Technology Co., Ltd

There have been a bunch of kits that resemble knock-offs of the kickstarter for Unlimited’s Eon, and other kits for instance Mellow from Germany, but for a fraction of the price.

The sample price on Alibaba for brushless dual motor 500*2 Watt is: “Sample price is USD325/pcs, shipment cost to USA is USD98 for one pcs.So total is USD423.” At $325 for complete dual motor setup including ESC, remote, battery, mount, and everything it’s quite competitive. I mean a deal.

My personal goal is to use whatever trick deck I want and add more cruising ability and brakes for my city commute and general riding.

Seeing these types of dual motor setups on Newegg and Amazon, with their return policies seems to finally be taking electric skateboards out of the garages if you know what I mean. Of course, they are still produced in factories in southern China, but they always were.

Nucbot DIY Electric skateboard longboard 50mm hub motor kit+ESC+ remote controller

Motorized electric skateboard booster to turn your skateboard to be electric skateboard easily packing with two motor wheels and two front wheels,individual personalize free services

Nucbot Longboard electric skateboard booster N1

Model Number: N1 Bulit-in Brushless dual motor 500*2Watt

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Two shopping carts, $538.15. Pretty much everything you will need, aside from a deck, but the kits you linked need a deck as well.

Personally, I would never consider buying one of those kits, with this setup you get a 40km/h top speed, 200+ Wh pack, all the bonuses of a VESC and a beastly single motor setup capable of putting out over 2000 Watts. All for close to the same cost of most of them, and actually cheaper than the one on Newegg.

I’d rather not waste that much money on a copied design that is bound to suck. Most knockoffs do.

I was looking at that hub Moro kit with the esc and the remote it seems like a pretty good deal when they come out I’ll buy them and try it out

Thanks @NickTheDude that’s a really helpful parts list!! I’m not saying that this kind of build isn’t good, far from it.

From a pure price/performance/what do you actually need perspective… adding dual motor, dual VESC, onto your build adds another $200. Then you’re up at $738 + change… if there are some eSkaters out there for whom the $350 kit works, I don’t see any problem with that. 2X price difference is a lot.

The problem is these kits don’t work. They may, for a week, maybe two, maybe a couple of months. Then they will fail and leave you without a board and with 350$ less in the pockets. And if you get a new board as refund, you’ll have the same problem again, and again, and again. Not to mention the risk that occurs when you can’t trust your board while going on a street with cars. A single motor build at the price of 500 $ will work way better and let you upgrade it in the future. Just think how can they produce them for such a low price, considering a good battery alone can cost 350, or a dual hub motor, or a couple of ollin’s vescs. When considering esk8s go for quality, not price

Exactly what @SirDiff said, these kits seem pretty sketchy in general.

Another thing you need to consider is that these are hub motors, they have much less torque than a geared motor. I can’t be sure, but I feel like a large single motor may have better hill climbing performance than dual hubs. That’s just a guess though.

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I’ve ridden one of these and it is totally reliable, and I didn’t have to build the stupid thing!! hhahaha

Wow that’s crazy cheap, still though, 11mph is pretty weak.

I have a 1200cc motorcycle that does 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, I don’t need more speed.

Up from $299 to $399 but dual hub motor:

How long have you tested it? Just so you know, in order to have that crazy low price they must have cut the cost somewhere, and it might be on the motors or esc, that will just die whenever you try to climb a hill, or on the battery, that will set your house on fire (hope it doesn’t happen), or in mechanical parts that will just crash under your load after some time with all those vibrations. Or they’re just loosing a great amount of money. That cannot be a good product. That’s all. If you still want to try, do it and be sure to report what happens here, you know, for science. Take a look to the landwheel post (search bar, landwheel and you find it)

I own the Swagboard and ride it a couple times a week. I’m over 200 lbs so it doesn’t climb great. For a kid or someone under the max weight 120 lbs I’m sure it’s great. Braking is very smooth. Has a cruise control built in. I just figured for $299, try it out.

I got into building drones with flight controllers + ESC’s a while back and spent way more time building than flying… was more interested in riding than soldering hobby parts off the internet. The Swagboard is plug and play go.

Fair enough, but keep in mind this is the ESK8 builders forum :stuck_out_tongue:

You can build a similarly powered setup that would probably be more reliable for under 400 bucks though. Assuming you have a deck and enclosure.

and $200 for TBs single motor mechanical kit.

What about the enclosure though? Kydex seems easier and stronger than pressure formed ABS and I don’t want to vacuum.

What’s your favorite enclosure material? With emphasis on waterproofness, not messing up the board, and keeping the thing simple and light – and also not looking like a turd (while we’re at it!! ;).

4 Kydex Plastic Sheets Black 12" X 12" X .080"

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Kydex seems like a good route, I’m going to use ABS. You can also just buy some sort of box and bolt it to the bottom.

Wait… “going to use” have you not built your very own eboard yet??? Dude gotta get into action.

I’ve been using a couple boxes I got from Home Depot temporarily while I make some ABS ones. This is my first eboard though.