Molded Enclosure Possibilities

Hello Builders,

Currently I am at the final stages of my first build. I decided to piece together my enclosure using Kydex to form the general look I was aiming for. What I am wondering, and this is people who mold enclosures, if it’s possible to create a mold to make a 1 piece enclosure styled from my Kydex version? In the image, I still have to cut the Kydex pieces and bond the last 2 pieces.IMG_20190419_164038

It’s easy to build a vacuum form box and and kydex enclosure. I am a 12x12 vacuum box last year and was able to make some small encourages. I am in the process of of building a 12x24 vacuum box.

i made a couple attempts at forming kydex when I first got into diy… i enjoy diy but found that there are plenty of better cases pre made from pros on the forum for a reasonable cost to time and looks better than I could ever do with kydex…corners are a beeyotch…

but as posted…vacuum box and a nice wood buck and an oven hopefully big enough for your piece and then youd have something!

Funny thing is, I actually feel like mine came out better looking than I thought it would. Later I’ll try to finish the bonding of the least two pieces to give a better visual.

What I really want is to have the finished enclosure used as a possible mold so it can be made with other forms of enclosure instead of kydex. That’s what I actually meant with this post, if it would be possible for a fiber glass or carbon fiber or the other material enclosure made using this kydex version as the mold

Here’s a photo of the enclosure pieced together.IMG_20190422_190916