Molding abs right onto battery pack

do you guys think it would be alright to mold an abs sheet right over my battery pack? I was thinking about putting some 8th inch foam on top of the pack to protect it from the heat. Making a mold would be a pain/I dont wanna go buy wood. this seems like a good way to get a super accurate mold

You would not want to do this as there would be a lot of heat buildup and the box wouldn’t be flat.

Well I mean I don’t want it to be flat, I want it to be the shape of the battery and bms

Well if that is what you are going for then I guess go ahead with your method. I would however add about a 1/4in spacer on the side of the batteries just to gain a little air flow to keep temps in check.

Yep I agree, also adding something will help keep the heat directly off the battery

Just use Styrofoam or cardboard, why play with fire if you can avoid it.

Well if you can make a good enclosure from foam and cardboard then props to you lol

What’s the best foam? I’ve used styrofoam and it has melted before.

Pretty sure he ment to mold your enclosure

Oh got it

This, cardboard would work perfectly for this.