Moment of Silence Please

I just wanted to tell everyone I’ve officially done it… I’ve lost my Enertion Nano X remote… The pain, the agony.

2017 - 2017 R.I.P Nano X Controller

100 Bucks man…


rocking the winning, still ok crossing fingers… yes there was some growing paints and mass defective units but hey i love gambling haha!

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Even though I’ve heard some pretty bad things about it i’m probably just gonna get it. I’m really desperate for a small controller man… :joy:

bought a bunch of em, kept some chucked some… feel ok about it but, this is a tough hobby, murphys law will get you

Wait, why did you pay $100 for the Nano-X?

Here’s a good replacement. Exact same internals as the nano-x.


Actually got the Nano x for free with the space cell pro 3, but the cost is a bit pricey at $92USD Plus enertions “amazing” shipping that only cost 32 bucks!

Also, is that remote reliable? (Don’t want die today)

Is this different than the Winning remote? If so, do you know how the connection reliability compares to the gt2b?

Yes, like I said, it’s essentially the same controller with a different case. One that I much prefer since it has a ring loop.

@surprisebirthday yep not a single disconnect so far after a couple months of daily use. It’s the winning v2 remote. The v1, however, was an awful, unreliable remote which I’ll never touch again.

Nice thanks!

Noted! Thanks. I have a gt2b and have loved not it. It sometimes doesn’t power on, but when it does it holds the connection just fine. This looks like it’ll be a good replacement.

I tried two of the Winning v1s and couldn’t get either to connect. Probably for the better given the problems people had.

If you haven’t used a remote like this, there is one negative quirk about it. When you turn the remote on (every time you turn it on), the PPM values aren’t recorded which means that the slightest movement up or down will result in 100% throttle or 100% brake until you calibrate it.

To calibrate you simply have to full throttle and full brake when you turn it on. See my full review here.


I usually do that anyways just to be sure.