Moments of wobble


I share the video clip of wobble.

double king pin truck and 175mm pneumatic wheel was used.

I thought I could run off when wobble occured. but It was ridiculous. In the second wobble case, I had no time to jump out when wobble occured.

I experienced that Wobble was scary. Could you advise to how to avoid wobbles.

I just know that

  • fasten the king pin nut.
  • avoid drastic speed change at high speed.
  • watch out impact in high speed.

Thank you.

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with double king pin trucks, the best option to minimize wobz is to get a really hard board side bushing…

or get different trucks, or ride slower, or carve more.

choose from here:

I run double king pins and love em, wide open throttle most of the time in GT mode, lol, speed wobbles start, lean forward and punch the throttle, it’s how we used to downhill back in the day so thats how I tend to ride an electric now. It tends to smooth the wobbles out, the opposite effect of jumping off the throttle, takes a bit of getting used to but it works for me.