"Momentum Comfortable Hollow Wheels" Legit?

I stumbled upon these wheels for sale today. I can’t find any user reviews or information on them outside of their own site.

(image taken from their website)

It appears to be a 3d printed wheel, with the hub printed out of a rigid plastic and the tire printed out of some elastomer. The design posts on their site seem legit, but the fact that they have the big “Hurry only left in stock” line that counts down and resets any time you refresh the page makes it seem pretty suspicious.

It looks like the products they sell are all 3d printed pieces or belts with their logo printed on.

…now the idea of a 3d printed wheel compositing of different types of polymers is an interesting idea. I was hoping the guy had some STL files available but I couldn’t find any other info out there.

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Dont trust anything from momentum boards. Dude is a scammer and legit pedo sex offender. Whole thing about it if you search

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Hmm I didn’t find anything expect two post in the pinned FAQ thread. That said there were false allegations. So I have no idea about any of that.

I’m interested to see if anyone has actually seen these wheels or used them

Mannn… not my money not my problem. I saw him sell cheap 3d printed parts and horrible batteries. People legit paid for garbage. Do whatever you want. The products i have seen from momentum boards are subpar and there are reasons they aren’t in circulation

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Yeah I’m not gonna throw my money their way. Looks like any of the parts they are selling I could probably make better in my own garage.

I am kind of interested in that design of wheels. Gives me the idea to cad up a wheel and try printing with dual filament a solid core and a soft tire.

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These two people are not the same. Good looking out tho.

The guy this thread is about, who does his own wheels and boosted mod stuff: “Momentum-Boards

The scam artist POS who should not be trusted with your money or kids. “Momentumboards


Wow… i had no idea there was another company with the same name. Poor guy Is getting shitted on because of that other creep.

I have no idea about them wheels then…

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Momentum-boards absolutely does not 3d print the wheels or belts or any parts for that matter.

There seems to confusion about momentumboards. Com (seemingly bad company and people from the post) and momentum-boards. com ( Doug Hoang, high quality belts and Hollow Wheels)

I’ve bought many belts from Doug, he’s been great to deal with. Couldn’t find what I was looking for and sent him and email and quickly got exactly the belt I needed (5m-275-15 for Cloud wheels on the RS.

Hope that helps sort things out.

I do not recommend 3d printing wheels. The hollow wheels are injection molded, not 3d printed.

Hello @I_keeps_it_real @Electrotechnics, I am Doug, the designer and manufacturer for the Hollow Wheels. Thanks so much for posting up.

No, I am not the same as momentumboards.com, I am not affiliated or anyone that is connected with my company is not affiliated with that other company. We have a trademark on that copy and so they will need to change.

I have been developing these wheels for 2 years and really accelerating the pace this half past year. The Wheels as pictured are made from 3D printed molds and then I cast in cold-pour urethane into the molds. The materials are strong and have the characteristics I needed to dial in the geometry to create a really comfortable and really grippy street wheel. I used 3D printed molds so I could rapidly iterate, a mold change per week is the fastest I was doing for a while. As such, you’ll see 3D printed layer lines.

Why the lack of reviews? - It takes us 4 days to cast a set of wheels. So I haven’t been able to get the wheels out to influencers. However, I do have a lot of reviews from beta testers, of which you can see below - and with links as validity.

Yes, for a while, I had a count down timer because I was selling the wheels and testing the market. I did put in that count down timer to analyze the impact of the count down timer on sales conversion rate. It did not make any difference so I took it off.

Next step - Injection Molding: These are going into full production to get the very best urethane and use the most reliable and repeatable manufacturing process. I already paid the tooling. I think I am now $20k invested into this project. So if you find this project interesting, please ask any questions. Happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Here is a cool video that compares all the popular street wheels on the market to my design. I rented a $6k slomotion camera, did some testing and here you can see exactly how my wheels perform inside a corner and over pot holes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdMgsfaJH8w&t

Also, you can find more intricate details about the wheel here: https://momentum-boards.com/products/one

You can find reviews by multiple people, multiple very respected members of the commuter, like Kevin Graehl and Sawyer Reynolds, founder of the LA area ESK8 community, and many more.

Sawyer “One of best wheels I have ever ridden” - https://www.facebook.com/groups/LaAreaEsk8/permalink/664404450839558/

Kevin, “I’ve been testing these. Pretty fucking amazing.”- https://www.facebook.com/groups/BoostedLA/permalink/1271663639831665/

Vincent, founder of Verreal Board Owners - “they handle as good as 110s on bumps but way softer ride and lighter weight. If you’re using 110s or 120s for bumps, these will chew em up” (scroll down the post): https://www.facebook.com/groups/318356599145216/permalink/400656620915213/

A video I stitched together from a beta customer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4gDGHEfrn1k&t

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Good to have the confusion cleared up. I like the design idea of the hollow wheels. Once you get production going on the wheels I’d definitely be interested in purchasing a set.

That’s too bad that the other individual with bad business practices has hurt your company’s name.

Best of luck getting production up and going for those wheels, from what i’ve seen they should far surpass the cheap chinese rubber “tire-like” wheels, in performance and wear resistance.


Thanks. Let me know if you have any questions or if I can just do anything to help generally.


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Sorry for the accusation.The name is pretty damn similar though. Good luck on these wheels!!

Good luck with that! Hint: It won’t work. Loads and temperature far exceed anything regarding overmolding and loads of the material. That said, everyone should always push the envelope and use first principle engineering to make the best of anything. 2 years of this was SUPER FUN. I love it. For me, I manufacture and market consumer electronics in my businesses and this project was an outlet for my creative freedom.

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I had a local demo day of the Hollow Wheels at the an ESK8 road course event. I let people swap on the Hollow Wheels on their boards to do a back to back test.

One guy with a Metroboard X with ABEC 107s. Another guy with an Exway Flex with Cloud 120D Another guy with an Evolve Carbon GTR with TorqueBoard 110s

Here is the video I shot. Pretty fun: https://youtu.be/L-EicXliwOA

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Firstly, you must be careful about the site which you find on the internet. And then , you should be very determined that the wheels they selled is real.

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