Monster Board | Trampa HolyPro 35º | 80100 180kv 8kW | FatBoy SS Gear Drive | 12S 3P 18Ah | Dual FocBox

Hi guys, I have been driving my Evolve Carbon GT with AT tires for over 5 months now as the daily driver with over 1000km of distance. Month ago I wanted to test the current of motor and stalled it after trying for some time it gave a little smoke after that I have randomly stalling motor on right side which is not fun when you ride a board at higher speeds so I finally decided to build my own better board based on Trampa mountainboard parts.

For mechanical parts I will use:

  • 35° HOLYPRO TRAMPA Mountainboard Deck
  • Vertigo Truck - 12mm Hollow Axles Red
  • Superstar 8" wheels
  • Rachet bindings

For drivetrain parts:

  • APS 6384S Sensored Outrunner brushless motor 170KV 4000W
  • Custom made CNC machined “direct drive” drivetrain (similar design to Nowind’s direct drive)

For electronic parts:

  • The planned battery is to have 4 x 6S1P 22Ah 20C packs in 12S2P configuration (I love the distance)
  • Custom build double VESC with support for over 200A constant current (Currently in development)

Later on, I plan to make myself all-in-one solution for BMS, ESC and MCU (for data logging, configuration and etc)

Yesterday I have ordered all the mechanical parts, now waiting for direct drive drivetrain to be built.


Today I finally have done some progress with the custom VESC board. It’s bit massive…

Mosfets will sit on the bottom side of PCB.

Sadly I would like to work on this more but it’s already 3:30 AM and I need to get up early for work tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This sounds so cool! Can’t wait to see where you go with this. I thought of combining the vescs into a dual board too but I don’t have anywhere near the circuit design skills yet required to make that combination haha

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@ShutterShock hehe it’s not only two vesc on one board but also bit more power handling.

Yesterday I received some electronic parts two dev boards one for the remote and another for main cpu of the board. The tracking number from trampa order says it should arrive today so I am waiting for board parts in the time I am sitting on PBC


Another update (I hate that I have to switch from macOS to Windows)


This gon be gud :wink:

Looks really interesting. Following this!

This shipping company likes to tease me…

It’s 5:50PM…


So apparently currier was not able to reach my home or etc :cry: I was working on ESC design and went from dual on board to two separates too much struggle to fit everything. The power stage is done. All is left to design control board.


After waiting whole weekend for packages today they arrived.

First let’s start with APS 6384S 170kv small fiddle spinners…

Compared to my Evolve GT 50mm motors.

They are freaking huge (The size of my fist…) Let’s start with the big package

Rockstar hubs!

Vertigo Trucks

HolyPro 35º deck

Mounting the trucks and wheels

Tried to inflate the tires… One tire is punctured. I guess when building hub it pressed the tire in between… Ech no try out today.

So here how it looks compared to Evolve Carbon GT AT

So next steps are to finish electronics and get the motor mounts finished.


Here is power stage for this project. I should finish logic side today and order pcb by the end of week.


Post some photos of that direct drive when ya get a chance

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Yeah, waiting for the parts to arrive and then will update on progress

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Finished PCB for VESC will be sending to manufacture by the end of the week.


So this is a double VESC that supports a lot more current than the normal one?

Not really. This is single and it’s single mosfet setup (basically same as vesc but without drv) First one to make board for my motors then to experiment :smiley:

Huh interesting. Sounds neat

How is it driving the mosfets without the drv ?

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Mosfet drivers most likely

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@SORRENTINO is correct good old Mosfet gate drivers