Monster Board | Trampa HolyPro 35º | 80100 180kv 8kW | FatBoy SS Gear Drive | 12S 3P 18Ah | Dual FocBox

I opened up a 8085 and I really don’t see for what the 80mm size should be better. Also don’t see how they could take more power. I understand that the lipos need so much space and sure it’s always better to run them in multiple p groups, but everything needs to be in balance. I think it works for you well as you mainly use it on the road and not off road. My personal opinion is just that for off-road the lighter the better. Sure in balance with power but still as light as you get it. In this case a 8p LiIon would be rather the way to go for that. 8p means also low profile of 8-10cm max. Ok ok, not if to make a monster box like your dad, but for the average guy that wouldn’t need to be higher.

How many km are you getting on your batteries?

Depends on my current settings :slight_smile: with my top settings maybe around 20km with default ones around 40km :slight_smile:

Well 8085 yes but 100 is whole 15mm longer :slight_smile: I compared them to 8085 on my fathers board and yes they feel completely different :slight_smile: 8085 reminds me 6384 but 80100 is different story… I mean look at the size difference :smiley:


8085 on the left side



You can see from wire thickness and etc :slight_smile:

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8085 is from the copper mass close to the 6384. sure it’s more on the 80100, but still i‘m very disappointed about the copper fill. There is way more space on the stator. The 6384 is way more compact. Don’t really see a benefit in comparison 6384 to 8085 and even with the 80100 the stator length is maybe as long as the one from the 6384. I could imagine the 63100 could compare with the 80100 from the amount of copper on the stator.


That space for copper is for those super low KV motors like 30 and 50 as copper is almost 3x compared to 170kv

P.S. Copper and length is not only factor in torque the bigger radius bigger angle torque or etc something don’t remember now

Cause you like speed yea

Not speed but torque :slight_smile: My board goes max 58km/h but the torque at 130A/motor… I am dragging some bikes at stoplight until they overtake my speed :smiley:

P.S. Have no idea about the heat in summer with my current setup, but I guess with new enclosure with much bigger heatsink it should be a bliss

Also I saw new Graphene packs 12Ah 6S ones which are bit bigger than my current packs thinking of swapping they are 15C but still with 2S3P in 12S3P configuration I would get 36Ah and double range with 540A “constant” so not much difference and 2.5kg more weight but range man… :smiley:

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:joy: my current battery is not even that big :joy:

But why not considering LiIon cells? You can get way more range out of the same weight, plus at that weight you speak of the discharge current shouldn’t be an issue as well

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I use 22000 tattu 16000 dinergy 12000 tattu X2 batteries to give me 12s Getting 30-40km 25-30km untested just got them 20km

Maybe, don’t know Li-ion you need to balance them because you have way too many cells in P groups compared to lipos where I only have 3…

For e.g. the space I have currently (220x250x150) / (40T volume in rectangle 30870mm^3) = ~270 cells 270 / 12 = 22P which is nice and crazy range 88Ah weight is 17kg :smiley: but then if build something similar to 36Ah 12S its around 12S 9P 40T which gives 7.1kg and 1/2.5 volume current is 270A charge current is 9 * 6 = 48A so no fast charging, then price 108 cells = 5.15 * 108 = 556€. So to put everything into table:

Turnigy Graphene (LiPo) 40T
Configuration 12S 3P 36Ah (6 x 6S 12Ah 15C) 12S 9P 40T
Current 540A (Constant) 900A (Burst) 315A (Constant?) 405A (Burst?)
Volume 4,819,122mm^3 3,333,960mm^3 (Not Cylindrical volume)
Weight 9,660g 7,560g
Price 930€ (looking into getting discount to get around 600€) 556.2€

So Li-Ion looks like a cheaper and smaller and better alternative, now to consider how much extra you will need for LiIon: Nickel (Copper maybe), Spot Welder, BMS and etc things I don’t think its really worth it…

It’s just my thought train maybe I am incorrect or wrong, but I think lipos are easier to handle

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Well, yes.

Nickel or copper is not that expensive and I assume that you or your dad already have a welder for the pack you/your dad made on the other board, so that’s not into my calculation.

Besides this a quality LiIon pack get only hard out of balance so I wouldn’t worry about that so much.

I think with 3p lipo, especially the graphens you probably get a good amount of charge cycles as well so I wouldn’t put that as advantage for LiIon cells.

If you can get the lipos for 600€ than why not. But for 950€ I’d rather go the LiIon way.

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Father, has but it’s in Lithuania and I live in UK so not really optimal :smiley: But maybe I have some thoughts about it

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Even than a malectrics or kweld should be easy to borrow from somebody. 3s lipos you have enough to power the welder i guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Was thinking last couple of days what if I switched to something like 40T :slight_smile: I decided if I switch to 40T I would want each 1P to have pretty fast balancing so I could charge and balance board to rideable state in 1.5h maximum. Also considering maybe move all electronics I wanted to put to Mark 48 to this one :slight_smile: Because that linux board is still running with uptime almost of year on the table… Tracking GPS data


Here is screenshoot of my idea how to make a pack, 9 modules of 12S1P modules with balancer on top:


In total 9 modules which would make 12S9P 36Ah 1.8kWh


Here 9 modules stacked together its 230x230x110 (top copper part) so it will be around 140-160 height



Getting prototype enclosure ready to test with Esk8Lightuino will be changing RGB strip to 144 led/m for better look. Also getting more strips for under deck and trucks, also LED front lamp and etc things


Running examples for RGB strip


40T have questions about overheating at high discharge, if you want to kick ass with a 21700 talk to @moon about the molicel p42a from fogstar wholesale great capacity, great high discharge & afaik cool as a cucumber…also not expensive and up seller, what’s not to love?


hello vole understand x to reach the speed of 72km / h that engines to 6384 or 80100 and how many kv? thank you

Hello Really interested in your VESC, is it open source? Be really greatful if jt was does it work ok?