Monster Board | Trampa HolyPro 35º | 80100 180kv 8kW | FatBoy SS Gear Drive | 12S 3P 18Ah | Dual FocBox

Are you writing code from scratch?

No it’s based of Vesc6 just bit modified

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ah ok gotcha

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Today received my PCB’s of VESC and the rest of the parts. Off to soldering


Did some soldering but did not managed to make main cpu work I guess my programmer is bad or etc ordered a new one.

Here is how power stage looks (It’s uncleaned pcb straight after soldering)


Are you using a hot air blower or reflow station? If you’re gonna be doing a lot of surface mount soldering, it will save you sooo much time and your connections will be much better.

Solder paste and a hot air blower is the only way I would do it

Yeah, I did with solder paste and hot air, but my hot air station is bit crappy and still learning with solder paste dispensing plus my solder tip is shitty.

P.S. I havent done any smd work for last 6 years

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Oh okay gotcha. I understand haha it was hard my first time too :stuck_out_tongue: and I had a pretty nice one

Gears arrived today


Today, have redone the VESC board to single unit and better version of it.

This is a “Balancer” part of my upcoming BMS which will balance each LiPo pack separately from all 8 packs


Wow this is pretty impressive. Congrats!

What battery are you planning to mount?

I’m doing a pretty similar build bmand I’m not sure if I should go 12s4p or 10s5p

I will be going 12s4p swappable or 12s8p

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How much did you pay for the 6384s?

Not much 89£/each

Today I have bought the batteries for 12s4p, Nano-X controller for a temporary solution before I make my own, and will be buying two FocBox’es also for temporary to test the drivetrain.

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Damn I really want to see those mounts ur working on

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After Black Friday my batteries arrived

Not Big BOX…


Wow! You are going crazy with these batteries now. What kind of range do you expect?

Worst case scenario 40Wh/km = 1209.6Wh / 40Wh/km = 30km Best case scenario 10Wh/km = 1209.6Wh / 10Wh/km = 120km

But I am still thinking of building two swapable packs of 12s2p


Today I received my XT90 connectors (they are the same brand as the ones on Turnigy Graphene batteries) and two Steering Dampners.