Monster Build! 12S/245kv Trampa E-Mountainboard over 50MPH!

I’m not exactly a pro at this but I would love to hear any suggestions! This is what i would like to build!


Trampa Dual motor E-mountain board

  • 15T motor pulley
  • 66T wheel pulley
  • 9in Wheels (203mm)

2 Motors: 245kv Tacon Big foot 160

  • Input watts 2700W
  • Max Lipo 14S
  • Max Voltage 58V
  • Max Efficiency 93%

2 Batteries: Multistar 6S1P / 22.2V / 6Cell

  • Constant discharge: 10C
  • Peak discharge: 20C (10 seconds)
  • Capacity: 20,000mah
  • 444 Watt Hour

Dual ESCs: Turnigy DLUX 160A

  • Max Constant Current: 160A
  • Max Burst Current: 180A
  • Lipo 6-12S

Charger: Thunder Power DC TP1430C DC 1-14 Cell LiPo Charger w/Balancer (14S/30A/1000W)

  • Max 14S
  • 30A Max charging

Hand Conrtroller Enertion Nano-X 2.4Ghz Controller

Estimate Specs (if my math is correct) PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG!

Unweighted Top Speed: 58MPH Weighted Top Speed: 54MPH

(I would obviously set it for lower speeds which would keep the whole system cooler, I hope)

Range I estimate to be 55 miles depening on my weight and terrain.

Either I’m a complete idiot or a genius… please help me out!

a little of both if you really want to ride that fast… :joy:

but keep in mind efficiency goes way down as speed goes up! so at 20-30mph you can still get >80%. but 30, 40, 50 becomes more like 70, 60, 50% ( just estimate)

also I would look at lower kv. less gearing. and use the 12s flier esc which has been proven by many more riders/builders. or maybe a directvesc4 from ollin. because how often will you really max out? 30-40mph is plenty!

lastly, where are you? I want to see this beast! :sunglasses:

Okay! Soooo what would you say is an ideal KV for let’s say hitting atleast 40mph? (I’m a speed junkie) I thought 50 is pushing it… I don’t want to wipe out and die lol BUT I will look into those ESCs!

I’m located north of Dallas Texas!

let me do some math. but I know @longhairedboy can get near 35mph with dual 190kv, 12s, 100mm mbs wheels.

so with 8"/9" pneumatics and the right gearing I think you can get to 40! just make sure the rubber is rated for this type of speed. forces are much different from 20-40…

now it all makes sense. everything is bigger in texas? lol

Sweet! I’m going to look into his build! And if the KV is to low on a motor and while trying to push them to higher speeds would there be a potential problem with over heating??

And yes sir! You are exactly right! Hahah

I’m not sure a build like this, Trampa suspension and 9" pneumatic wheels, would have enough stability at 50+ mph

I would honestly advise against the nano-x controller, there have been quite a bit of buzz about it not being all that great. You’re better off getting the mini remote from diy, that’s been proven to be solid. Or get the gt2b with one of the modded cases, also a rock solid controller, but requires a bit more work. The last thing you want at >40mph is your controller freaking out on you.


Only one way to find out!:skull: BUT! I’m open to ideas! Any suggestions?

Wow buzz kill… thanks for the heads up! Scratch that off the list! I’ll look into more reliable controllers!

Well, you said that you didn’t want to wipe out and eat it. Have you ever gone fast on a skateboard?

I’ve only reached about 30mph on an e-board and that alone was fast and exhilarating! Just wanted to push my limit lol

30mph is fast in my opinion. I don’t even try to go that fast anymore. But it’s partly cuz I’m just getting too old for it. 20 mph is plenty fast enough for me now. Did you go 30 on a MTB or street board? I’ve never ridden an MTB myself, they just look a lot less stable to me.

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I feel pretty safe on a mtb, I feel like street boards are scary high speeds in my opinion

Like I said, I’ve never ridden an MTB so you would know better than I

It was a street board a buddy of mine made. I have the inboard M1 which as of now goes 20mph max and we’ll ride but his tops at 30mph and that I thought was ridiculous! But then I took it for a spin and now I crave speed… but I chose to get for a MTB cuz out here in Texas we got more land than road lol Plus I have my M1

EMTB’s look really fun. I’ve been tempted to build one myself. We have a lot of dirt trails here in So Cal as well.

Took me a while to get sucked in man… lol I was like nah but just watching people on them tearing up the dirt just had me staring like duddeeeee I have to get my hands on one lol

Actually running a Trampa, set up to 42mph. 12S Lipo 200KV Dymond 6374 Roxxy 9120-OPTO with YGE Capbank

Gearing 1:5

Superstarhubs and 8Inch Innovas

Dont managed to go faster then 33mph, my balls left me (-:

I would not go that high on KV as you plan with the 245kv. Stay under or at 200kv with a Gearing from around 1:5 IMO

Cheers Jenso


Tearing up the dirt like this?

those motors better have proper cooling