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6 image 3 6 20190124_193213 20190124_193300 20190124_193547 Uploading… 8 UNITS AVALIABLE AND READY TO SHIP pm me if your interested $165 each, once these 8 are gone the regular price will be $200 each


There is a mistake in the size I guess. Don’t think it’s 180mm long… That’s only what she says :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Any news about the „disconnect the CAN bus while powered on and the communication port is fried“ issue? Is this a problem on this units too or is it fixed?

please elaborate further on the can-bus issue, what units experienced this?

Have these been tested or are we the guinea pigs

They have been tested in the factory. We are all guinea pigs with this stuff, I’m running one through setup and bench test. The weather here in the states prevents me from running in the field


Seems like a unit I want to beat the shit out of :smile: And what do you mean weather, here in NY its 5 degrees and we still riding!


If the issue was with an earlier version or a different manufacturer making 6.6 I don’t believe it would travel this far in design if it was a big problem.

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The hw 4.12 based vesc including focbox before v1.7 had the issue, if two vesc have been connected via CAN bus and one switched of or you disconnected the CAN bus while both where powered on you damaged the communication port which means you can use them only with split ppm after as CAN bus didn’t work. The latest version of the focbox fixed that problem and also the Flipsky single 6.6 doesn’t have that issue anymore. But i‘m not sure if all vesc6 versions have this fixed. I think the ESCapes still have this issue.

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My rebel days are over young blood, the torch passed…


No, it’s not an issue of the 6.6

Is is there any other support for the caps besides the little bit of glue between them and the legs?

Yes, I had to remove glue to move them and take a picture. Its a tight space but it has enough glue to hold them in place. They are not bouncing around in there.

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… Just don’t unplug the canbus while it is on?

Yes, good idea :ok_hand::+1: You can ask here how much people already fried there communication port :wink: Some because they just didn’t know about it Some because the CAN bus came lose due to vibration Some because one vesc switched off …

Okay sure but still, this isn’t new hardware so it’s not like he could have fixed it afaik.

Imo canbus is too risky I just run split ppm

Considering the original Vesc6 does not have the can disconnect problem, any esc based on it should also not have that problem if it is correctly made.

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Yes me I did that. Not only once either. Good news is that you just snip off the canbus chips and they come magically back to life.

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How did this ESC end up working out? There are no other posts here about it.

give me two weeks… mine still on the way… :sweat_smile: I hope I can try them out soon and give a small feedback

It’s only 108mm length.