Monster MTB (Turf DeVille skateboard)

Does anyone recognize the brand this of skateboard?

A friend of mine bought it a year ago second hand and never had time to do anything with it, so he gave it to me. He doesn’t know if it’s custom-made, there’s no branding anywhere, and no amount of googling has turned up anything similar. I know both trampa and MBS make handbrakes for boards and such, but nothing like this. All I know for certain is that it’s huge!


Damn that looks like a crazy experiment, can’t even imagine riding this high above the ground.

Maybe do a photo of an independent wheel and google image search those? The wheels seem to be easily distinguishable, maybe they lead to something.

That’s what I thought, but no luck so far. Those tires definitely look like they were meant for riding on sand but I haven’t found anything else like them. They’re about 8" in diameter, and I’m pretty sure they fit 12mm axles, so it seems like they were made for skateboards of some kind.

It looks like a snowboard.

Yeah, I think it is. Standing on it, it has the flexibility of one.

That board does look unique. I like its spring system…

funny coincidence that you will be able to portray your nickname when rolling on that board :smiley:


Man, I didn’t even think of that! :laughing: I don’t think I’ll actually try to ride it in its current condition though. Worn out bushings, rusty screws, the brake line is frayed, no griptape, and it steers like a drunk elephant. I’m debating whether to try restoring it, getting a deck with a serious drop, or just using the wheels. I’m leaning towards one of the latter two. Getting a belt gear for it will be tricky, the hub is smaller than a trampa and it’s a little “recessed” inside the tire and held with only four screws.

Someone will be along shortly to id it I’m sure.

To me they look like kiteboarding sand tires.

I had some time to begin disassembly today. Turns out the deck is indeed a snowboard in disguise.

It turns out that the screws are all imperial, which made taking it apart a challenge. So much rust!

…and that’s one set of wheels!

I’ve started working on a 72t wheel pulley which will have a built-in “spacer” for the sunken hubs, although if anyone has a Solidworks file of that that they’d be willing to share with me it would save a lot of time. The long bolts that serve as axles are M12x100 approximately. Does anyone know the axle length of the MBS matrix II trucks?


Still more disassembly, still no idea what kind of wheels these are…

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whatever it is, it looks savage! XD

Oh great skatan, give me the strength to face the untold horrors of the neglected…

…oh dear God, why can’t I just dissect an alien like normal people!!!


This is really a unique and wicked project man! When I saw the first pic I thought that’s just a skateboard and why you write Monster MTB but then… I had a good laugh when I saw it beside the MTB, it is so sick :laughing: Good Luck!

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Thanks man, I’ll keep at it! Hopefully the cleaning will be the only really hard part, after that I’ll see what I can salvage. This was definitely used as a beach board at some point, given the dirt I’m finding inside. I’m already starting to suspect that the internal part of the hub will have to go. There’s simply too much rust and corrosion. Once I have it cleaned I’ll see if I can design and 3d print a part to hold the ends of the hubs together.

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Okay, a bit of an update: Two wheels and their hubs are in decent condition and I can probably keep them as is. The other two hubs might be a lost cause, what with the pitting and rust they have on them, but I’ll give it a shot anyway.

As you can see, after I clean then off somewhat and dunk them in vinegar for at least a week they’ll need a lot of filling in. Does anyone know an easy way to do this? I’ve heard of things like Bondo but I’m in New territory here. Any pointers would be great!

JB weld is what you seek.


You Sir, are a magnificent human being. Thanks, this stuff looks perfect! I’m guessing I’ll want to use one of the automotive ones, right? I’m thinking one of the putty sticks, for shaping it more easily.

Putty sticks and latex gloves. Do it in sections

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Thanks, will do. Let’s see… item into cart, money out of wallet…

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Whoa! Your shits tubeless!

You need to really think about your plan and technique then.

Possibly what up is first getting them cleaner.

Goggles Wire wheel on a dremel Sandpaper

Oh wait… first up is the good wheels/tires need to be aired up and checked for functionality.

Then proceed with the clapped out ones.

Can you find replacement tires?

You’re going to need a proper air compressor to seat the tires. A tire shop will help you out.

The “good” wheels need more scrubbing. Just worry about getting the tire mating surface smooth.

You might need to sand any rough spots off the bead of the tire also so it gets a good seal.

You need A schraeder tool, and some new schrader valves.

You can dump air with a regular fitting for air…

this one here:

Fwiw, this works for car/motorcycle tubeless wheels also, you just need a thicker hose, like 3/8" to flow enough air.

Take the schraeder valve out, and just push the female air fitting onto the valve stem to fill it up.

When it’s inflated, pull it off and quickly put the valve core in with your tool.

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