🏁Montreal🇨🇦 ---- roll call this sunday!

Hey, since it’s going to be sunny and hot this Sunday 09 April 2017, I invite any of you :point_right: Montreal Eskater :point_left:, to joint us on Circuit Gille Villeneuve at around 13H for ridding and fun.

Also I think @pyttroll is bringing some :beer:@alexmarin99 @Randyc1 @Ermac-514 @Blasto @JohnnyMeduse @EpicCel @Pr0dy


Ok, i’ll bring some cool shit (rideable, think this needed to be specified)

You forgot @Michaelinvegas

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Dammm sorry bro @Michaelinvegas

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Look at these guys … what are the rest of you doing?

Who else is gonna put something together? Summer is coming.

Sorry I work on sundays :confused: maybe later this summer!

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

…Ya i’m also working this Sunday .

a little birdie told me that @Arch will be there also!

Did not get much response from the dudes on the FB page, guess they’re afraid that their BB will get eaten on the track :hamburger::raised_hand: :maple_leaf: :fleur-de-lis:! even though i would like to try a BB haha

@Pr0dy and @Randyc1 don’t worry guys, it’s only the start of summer :wink:

@Michaelinvegas #eSk8SQUAD


We probably should figure out a meeting point… Should we meet by the pits?

The parking lots at the entry of the track, near the roundabout, should be fine…

I did forget to mention… Everyone is Welcome even if you don’t have a board yet… It’s a good event to get some contact for your next build…

I will also wear my famous GOLDEN SHOES… Don’t miss that… :sunglasses:


Thanks for the Invite JF, sadly I was already scheduled for a FULL DAY of home brewing, in preparation for the summer ;). I’ll be there next time.

Let’s get in touch soon, we’re clearly due!

No problem, juste keep us a few of those beer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Wish I could be there. Look like a sweet circuit

Yeah, it is a prettty nice and safe spot, where we can go full speed without too much restrain.

BUMP… bump… Bump


Nice Vid @pyttroll thanks !!!

Let me know for next time !! Im in!!!