Moose drop deck snapped, tossed me

My ownboard got a deck swap to a moose 36" drop down maple from amazon a month back. Philly has some pretty rough streets in general but in this case, I attempted to ride across two sets of trolley tracks (the ones cut flush into the street). I was going pretty slow, just above walking speed and have riden across before in other places. This time…

Snap and down I went. So ironically I just ordered a 35" shoots 5ply bamboo deck from sector nine the other day and I picked up some of the X supports that Ive seen mounted to support the screws

Any other tips for reinforcing this area? Especially when top mounting a truck on a drop through cut deck.

Anyone else have this experience? Im not sure whether to chalk the whole thing up to just a bad location and stress on the board, or was the board weaker than it should’ve been, maybe the trucks were overtightened etc. Would love to hear thoughts



Yeah that’s a pretty common stress point for drop through decks. Best bet if you need drop through is reinforcing that area (and the whole board for that matter) with multiple layers of fiberglass throughout the deck during manufacturing- something like Rayne does with most of their drop through decks.

If you don’t need drop through though, safest bet is not get a drop through deck. Then again. I’ve seen non drop through break in this area too… But never seen any substantially fiberglass reinforced decks break like this.

I don’t see any layers other than maple ply in this cheap deck.

The new deck I believe was listed as only 5ply bamboo from sector nine. Think I should be concerned about it and do some reinforcing with CF/FG?

Not the same deck but still moose.

IMG_20190803_150249 IMG_20190803_150735

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Probably worth a few layers of glass or carbon on most drop-thru decks not intended for esk8.

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I actually prefer the shape more than anything. Getting your feet inside the trucks reduces a lot of vibrations and bumps.

Ive got a little FG experience. Might do this with CF

Anyone have a recommendation for epoxy based resin to use with CF sheets?

Preferably something in smaller volume than a gallon and easy to order (amazon, ebay) … Most of what Im finding is marketed toward table top finishing

I’ve been using US composites for years. Their 635 medium cure epoxy is what I use.

Edit: That deck is toast though, don’t try to fix it. Just start fresh and hit the new deck with some CF or FB. You’ll lose a ton of board ‘feel’ if you go with CF. If you still want flex and just added strength use FB.

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just bought the new sector nine deck above which is 5 ply bamboo, so don’t want to take too much of that softness away. I know what you mean with the CF, ill likely avoid it or single layer it just in the weak areas - will have to see the deck when it arrives and make a plan

Definitely wouldn’t try repairing this :smiley:

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