Mootor detection failure

I am having a motor detection failure with my 13 S battery but not my 10 S battery works perfectly fine with tennis if I plug my 13 S battery in and try and run the detection with my VESC tour it does not work or it detects it and my VeSC still has a red flashing light on one side being it’s a dual vesc

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The Red flashing LED indicates a fault code.

You need to plug into the USB and find out what is wrong with the flashing VESC. A dual VESC is the same as two VESCs on one circuit board, they are independant.

What VESC are you using?

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I’m using a flip key points 6.62 VSC and I did plug it into my via Cito and the only fault code I’m getting is an 11 when I try to do motor detection gives me an error 11 or something like that now when I plug in a 10 S battery it doesn’t do any of this my detection runs fine all that

Srry talk text is horrible

Normally, the faults have a name, for example: FAULT_CODE_ABS_OVER_CURRENT

I expect you are having an OVER_VOLTAGE fault, since it is okay on your smaller battery. These Flipsky VESCs are really only designed for 12s maximum. If you want to use 13s, you will need very good cabling and a high quality battery to reduce voltage spikes that could cause failures.

There is a setting in each VESC for the Maximum voltage (Motor>General>Advanced). If you try to increase this and see if the problem still happens, that may help, but this is a sign you have some problems, and riding this may cause it some real damage, so please proceed carefully.

If you want to use above 12s battery packs, it’s recommended to use a HighVoltage ESC, these do not use the DRV chip, as that chip will fail at 65V (and the spikes can easily be that if your cabling is not thick enough).

ESCs Such as: spintend ESC (75V), Trampa 100/150, Stormcore 100

All these are designed for larger battery packs, otherwise, you should stick to 12s.

I gotThe motor detection to run now I’m getting the red lights at for throttle on my vesc

Full throttle

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I have a fox box unity with that be a better vesc to use

Also I’m not getting any faults it’s not showing faults anywhere not my remote not in the VSC tool nowhere

I was having trouble getting it set up with my FVESC pool something with the firmware or some shit

It’s not the $200 one at the bottom of this page like the one I got is different is $300 and it doesn’t have that black crap on the bottom where those wires come out like my wires come out the side I can take my cover off the heat sinks real

I think that sketchy description you gave means you have a Focbox Unity.

And which remote are you using?

You say the Lights on the VESC flash red when pressing full throttle. Have you tried calibrating the remote?

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Lmao yup sorry I have a lot goin on rite now my phone suks and I’m trying to get the most out of this stuff as I can being I have a lot of money wrapped up in it

I’m using the vx2

Yes I’ve tried that no diff

I’m not using the unity as of rn I’m using the flipsky 6.6

Wat other vesc r out that have the higher voltage ratings I’ll have a unity for sale here if I can get a decent one or possibly the flipsky it’s gotta b the voltage spikes the reason I’m getting red lights when I got this and.the unity it wasn’t a prob I was only running 10 s

12S is okay, I run 12s on all my boards. But I think 13s is not recommended with most VESC devices.

Yeah it’s jus something I overlooked however stupid it may sound I’m jus gonna gonwith 12 s prob lol I jus got all my bms in mail today to 13 s

We’re can I find the storm cores