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More Motor Options From HobbyKing?

Just a thought, saw these in my HK email, wondered if they have any applications to ESK8.

That motor is massive! This is a 108mm motor. @Dunkirk used an 80mm motor on his 3 Wheeled Frankenboard, but only because he has to drive that massive tire. Anything past 63mm is unnecessary.

Well it can cost about the same as Enertion’s mono. Just wondering if It can be applied to a ESK8.

I mean the 50cc equivilent

@NNGG I’ sure it could have an application, but I’m trying to figure out how the power would provide a benefit beyond the common motors we already use. This thing is 6600W! Certainly not “street legal” anywhere. Does anyone have thoughts on when\how this power output would be beneficial?

It seems like to get any benefit out of the size, you’d need to run 12s or 14s. You’d have to find a place to mount it. Under the board is probably not an option at 108mm. Maybe this could work for a mountainboard build for large riders?

saw a post in endless sphere . a builder made a single motor 2 belts system using 8085 turnigy .

Other motors work just as well… besides the keyway… Every other feature is a standard feature.

I’ve ridden well over 3k miles with a hobbyking motor with a flat spot going up 20-25% inclines. Your flat spot doesn’t need to be exactly flat. What you are saying is false. But yes, a keyway does help and is better.


these are GOOD reliable motors . and engineered to support the human weight . the price is reasonably acceptable . compared to a local (singapore) hobby shop selling a 6374 size with a 200plus kV at a price of THREE HUNDRED SEVENTY FIVE sg dollars (a slight diff with aus dollars) .
INSANE ! totally unacceptable !
i have proof of their online store . just dont want play with fire , thats all .
having said that i hope the respected business owners wont increase their price tags soon . (you can increase it after i bought like 100pieces of 6374s )

so , for me these are my PREFERRED choices .


I tried The 50cc Version. The biggest Problem is mounting äs there is no way to reverse the shaft at least i didn’t find a way. Had to use a bearing to prevent Bending. Oh and it. is also Way to much power resulting in horrible battery life

Adding a keyway is super easy.

Put motor in vice
grind off 1.5mm with file (or power file) - takes no time at all. Measure with ÂŁ10 digital caliper
Slide 3mm key rod in and firm up with hammer.
I also drill and tap a 3mm grub screw to ensure no lateral movement

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Yeah, these motors are clearly made for axial loads only. Not for radial loads at the end of the shaft.

Yeah pretty much every word bjarbz just said was rubbish.


The only difference between the motors is a keyway and a price tag. Thats it.

These are RC motors. You guys need to settle down on the hype.


No, @lowguido was pretty much spot on. You are definitely not correct with your advice. The biggest reason being that you are I’ll informed. Enthusiastic yes! Informed no. Keep in mind, this is a diy forum. Albeit bombarded lately with consumers looking to have everything bought off the shelf.

@bjarbz - Unfortunately, you don’t know what your talking about. You had one bad experience with RC motors that could of been self inflicted. It’s 100% understood no RC motor is ever really warrantied unless not used or you get lucky. Magnets can come off for every motor and although it’s not a frequent issue.

All RC Motors including those made for E-Boards are still made in the exact same factories with the exact same processes for both motors. The only difference is that the Eboard motors are modified for our convenience.

Filing the motor shaft = NO RISK INVOLVED… How are you filing it down with a chainsaw?

Saying that RC motors are bad is incorrect. This is the reason why people are correcting you.

What you should of said was… Motors for eBoards are preferred but RC motors will work. Due to the customized options for eBoard use and the use of a keyway it’s better off to go with eBoard motors and spend the added price.

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That was my point. Your legit e board companies are using rc motors and marketing skills. We are all using rc motors. You just happen to have bought the marketing too. My problem is your advice isn’t good for new members. It is discouraging and only steers them to buy off the shelf parts. If you broke an axle it’s because you personally did it wrong. It doesn’t mean making a key way is bad for an axle. Do you know how the factory does it?

Do you know the difference between an opinion and a diatribe? If you’re going to post BS like this on a forum at least put in some time learning about the subject. This community is growing at supersonic speeds. Good information is being buried. Good information is being overlooked and forgotten.

Worse, “opinions” like yours become herd logic and all it does is dumb down the community.

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When anyone makes a flat spot, do you take your motor shaft out, of clamp the whole motor?