Mosfet cooling idea

After building a couple Raspberry Pis for the house I thought of the heatsink and fans that I used to cool them.

Since there are mosfets on both ends it might make the VESC a little thick. Side mounting seems like the only logical option especially when keeping both fans in mind.



You could also consider heat pipes routed to external fins somewhere outside your enclosure.

When I was working on my Focbox cooling solution I considered these and similar heatsinks but decided against it… Instead I decided to just cool the Focbox metal case since it already acts as a cooler.

For these standard vesc 4.12s though, I think these heatsinks are a good idea. Lots of clever ways to get them cool :sunglasses: that you could come up with.

You are cutting through the heatshrink and using some non conductive thermal adhesive/paste/pads though right?

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How about [this](HGLRC-Flipsky Black CNC Aluminium ESC Protective Case For VESC V4.12 BLDC Controller Rc Car Parts ?

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That seems like a great solution, probably cheaper than a bunch of little individual heatsinks too…

@Benjamin899 was this your comment? Screenshot_20180726-160525~2

yeah it was^^ sneaky you

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With which ESC you used it?

4.12 flipsky esc, but it does fit all as it has the same measurements. i forgot. it does have a little space still open, i realized that later, so its not a perfect fit, but a good one. i will just ad a bit of silicone to completly seal it off.

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Or you can Cnc metal everything, weld every gap, use Gasket maker where needed. and then Take a drive in water to cool off :smiley:

Oh oh, and Make a metal enclosure work as a heat sink.

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Yeah, the heatsinks have some thermal tape on them already. I will think i’ll attempt to cut just enough to make contact with the mosfets.

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I was thinking about that, but it’s $50 for a dual motor setup and i’d want to add additional cooking on the case, which would have increased the price a bit more (nor much, maybe $2 or so per case.)

The heatsinks were $1.25 each, and fans were $.75, so it’s only $18

That’s actually a really good point on the mounting capabilities. That alone might be a good enough reason. hmmm.

I have 2 of those coming in the mail for my other build, so that’s good to know. I think I will buy a couple of those cases now and make certain they are around in the future.

That would have been cool.

I bought 4. lol, I think i’ll save my heatsinks and fans, and put them on the case instead.

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