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Most cost effective Esk8

Before I even started on my own electric skateboard, I was already hired by a aquantance to make a build for him.

The goal: single drive board that can go up small hills, +20mph with 10 kilometer range.

What I know: The VESC is a must have. Other electronics like batteries and outrunners sold under the title “professional quality” like Enertion is overpriced like apple (unnecessary).

My question: What is the best motor/battery/TxRx combo on a tight budget?

What is the budget? Do you have boards and trucks?

Turnigy sk3 motor
Multistar lipo
Gt2b tx/rx
All tried and proven components, hard to beat price-wise.

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budget should be less than $400-500.
I have some decks and paris trucks

I dont like the low “C” rating; do you have a charger recommendation?

Specific SK3?

Everyone says this until they own enertion stuff and realise they wasted so much time & money on the inferior gear…

the false economy will teach you all the lessons you need when it comes to building an exceptional eboard.

ALSO note, anything from the hobby store that is used for an esk8 and/or is modified is not covered under warranty. Unlike Enertion products that are designed for esk8 and have a warranty to match.


The product is just capable of increased voltage and current resulting in a higher output.

You are a crystal copy of apple. If I buy from you I am not paying for a product, but for a service: Warranty.

Your motors are the same as any another motors sold on the internet, but if I’m a retard and fuck up somehow, I can manage to possibly (with some effort) abuse your warranty and get a free motor.

There is NO false economy, only stupid people not knowing the limitations of electronics. If you can use simple arithmetic, you can find the tolerances and max load you can have on a part. I can calculate what is needed to preform a certain task and expend minimal resources so that task is accomplished. I can buy a prius and go drag racing and have fun, but will I win? probably not

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So why are you asking for advice then ?
Go do some arithmetic.

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Anecdotal evidence can be just as useful as using formulas to find the limit of a product. He has addressed some key points. If a lot of people like hobby king motors and they work well for them (me) then you can save some money and achieve similar results

wow so enertion is a crystal copy of one of the most valuable companies in the world now! that’s exciting

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Valuable sure but ethical? Also who buys apples iPhones? Wanna be hipsters who dont wanna think.

Everyone says this in the early stages of their DIY Esk8 journey! Yeah, I agree it’s people who haven’t learned the limits yet. Have you learned the limits yet? how did you learn the limits? did you make some parts fail or just use arithmetic? Did these experiments have a cost associated to them? Or did you simply learn from other people’s mistakes?

To answer the question, the most cost-effective solution is one the never fails or has zero cost to resolve after failure - this is rarley the cheapest option.

The biggest mistake people are most likely to make is under-estimating their requirements & under buying, this happens commonly when you are on a tight budget.

Common Example:
"I am trying to do this build as cheap as possible, so I’ll buy the cheapest LIPO’s because all batteries are the same"
This is a great example of the false economy. From experience you will learn that batteries are not all the same, the cheapest LIPOS tend to be a waste of money on eboards, especially if you tend to discharge them heavily which could happen from an inefficient drivetrain, they will swell up, they will go out of balance & the will last a short period compared to the more expensive stuff. So what is the most cost effective then? the battery that is cheap to buy but needs to be replaced frequently or the battery that last many many times longer because it has built in safety features and better chemistry? Simple arithmetic can work this out, so you can tell us all.

This is a common belief, but it’s fairly misguided! for example I assume you don’t have any of my motors on hand? So how can you actually say this statement without backing it up with data. Because If you wanted to test it you could, you can go and buy 5 or 6 different motors from the hobby store and test them all, you will soon realise they are not all equal. I could literally make the R-SPEC motors half as cheap, I could use smaller magnets, smaller stator, less copper, no water proofing treatments, no modified axle, cheap Chinese bearings, remove various parts, not use quality phase wire, use cheap motor windings that have enamel insulation not rated to tolerate heat, cheap glues and cheap stators made from 2nd rate steel. Everything can be made cheaper it’s just somethings shouldn’t be.

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I buy iPhones. And then jailbreak them and hack them as much as possible… lol

the multistar C rating isnt that low… I don’t know why people harp on about this?

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I already have driven more than 150km with Multistar 6S2P 8000mAh lipos and they are very reliable. I had no problems at all.

On a “tight budget” - that I built (and I hate wasting money)

EZRun 150A ESC (Vesc is not a “must” at all ).
Multistar batteries (cheap and massive capacity) - 2 x 12Ah packs giving me 13 mile range
SK3 3634 245kv motor
GT2B controller.

28 miles per hour on the flats. 13 mile range. Been working fine since last summer

Extras: cheap eboard off ebay. 16 tooth pulley. (around £90 for the board and pulley)


I run both enertion and hobbey king type motors. I have a set of 5060 NTM Propdrives i’ve been using for almost two years in a dual configuration and i just bought another pair last week to replace them because i like how they feel on my 6S. I have another board with twin 6355 R-SPECS and those things are monsters. I also have an r-spec 245kv that’s over two years old and is waiting for a smaller, lighter build. I’ve tried Tacons and i like them too. I also like SK3s.

what i like most about enertion motors is the keyway and ringclip grooves. They make it dead easy for builds. They also come with flexible silicone leads and have some design considerations for running fully exposed under a board.

But you’re going to pay for that value addition. Don’t mind grinding flat spots for pulley bolts or dremelling out some ring clip grooves or replacing your stiff bullshit phase leads with nice silicone ones (i’ve done all of this)? then save $50 and get a motor from hobbey king. but if you have the money and don’t mind spending it then its worth it when you consider the warranty and all of those other features together.


Cool calm and collected…yet again showing you are a class act person and business man.

He’s on a budget… And seems to want to just get by…Till he truly gets the bug…He’ll be calling again soon lol

And at least he comparing you to Apple…a semi-compliment …

To each their own on the DIY … I bet there is a half a million ways till Tuesday to get a skateboard down the street with out pushing…

I don’t have your r-spec because the 50mm motors are working for what I need…Maybe down the line…but in hindsite prob be as worth as the 50mm I get…I still have to go to a machine shop to get the keyway done… And in the end…the difference in cost between yours and the ones I get… $40-50 bucks… Is that a lot? No… But playing with tight bugets…that extra money could get you a cheap esc to finish up the project…

Don’t even think NTMs are in his price range…to eBay with him…lol

Who knows…that my even last him a while…and it could if you are really easy on the parts…which we all know a person cannot…I’ve gone through 3 motors myself lol

Maybe if you and. Mini r spec that was 50mm :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Lol

I think @osod doesn’t realize that you @onloop are your own customer that wants fine goods on your board…and through your own trial and error have found solutions to the issues that you have had …by creating a motor, motor mount (I have both versions), and battery … things that make creating an electric skateboard easier and making the end product something that will kick ass…

@osod: (if you are able on eBay)

@torqueboards may have a bracket to fit your Paris trucks and pullys
eBay- you can find a 270kv no name brushless motor with 8mm shaft around $40 also you can find 6s ESCs for around $40 and the remote control for abt the same - $40…
You will have to get or do it yourself a keyway for the motor shaft. And lipos you can grab off eBay between 50-75 bucks that will get you at least 7miles on flat ground…

Good luck @osod … Be kind to the folks on here…they are here to help (Even the Owners and workers of the e-board related companies here…You can check the previous threads)

Hope you post some pics or vids of your progress and best of luck👊🏻

If you can find a cheap hub motor it’ll save you a lot of money on mounts, belts, cogs, pulleys, and hardware.

@barajabali - Is there even a cheap hub motor? The hub motor cost more than the mounts, belts, cogs, pulleys. A single hub would also have issues climbing hills.

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