Most powerful single hub

Hi, I’ve been working on my boardup folding build. I want to change the setup to use a singe hub. Reason being I only have room for 1 vesc as space is insanely tight. Also the wheel diameter can’t being anymore that 83mm. Sorry I’m having to be so specific because of space. Any suggestions or advice would be really appreciated. I’m running a 10s battery capable of about 60 amps continuous. Thanks jamie

The best 83mm hub motor is without question an @Hummie hub…ask him if there is a version with a single wheel drive

Yep Hummie for sure I have some raptor hubs and dont recommend them not the ver 2.0

I don’t sell anything these days. in three months.

Thanks for the reply everyone. Does anyone know of any that are currently for sale?

ride neoHubs https://forum./t/neohub-group-buy-same-as-loaded-motor-but-sensored/12837/358

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