Most suitable motor size for dual setup

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(sorry, in case I have overlooked a discussion thread on this kind of topic).

There are many different motor sizes but with the same kv rating…ranging from 6374 to the much smaller 5055 motors.

I am using a 10s4p battery pack Sony VTC6 (12000mah / 120amp) with a 40amp fuse (that can support 54amps (135%) for 30min. In order to reduce voltage sag, I have chosen such a high discharge rated cell, even though I would only use 54amps max.

For a dual setup with 83mm flywheels and 15/36 ratio, I am planning on using dual rear mounted motors, on a custom made truck…so motor size to fit on a single truck would not be a problem. I weigh 90kg and according to the skate calculator basis 190kv i should get a weighted top speed of about 35km/h which is plenty for me.

But the big question is: what kind of motor can size would be most suitable going not just on flat terrain but also should carry me up some hills? Is my assumption correct that a bigger motor 6374 would generate less heat / wasted energy compared with a much smaller 5055 motor? Where exactly are the advantages/disadvantages?

I usually cruise at an average speed of about 29km/h. Would at this average speed the motor efficiency differ between big motor and small motor?

thanks to all of you and have a good Sunday, Flo

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Why not go for the 6355…

@JohnnyMeduse, hi there. Well, given that there is such a multitude of motors around…i just would like to know which one would be most suitable. why would a 6355 be better than 6374 or 5055? Where are the differences/advantages/disadvantages?

Well, 6355 (depending on the vendor) use in a dual setup are more than enough, and when set up properly can go up to 53km/h (or 35miles/h) you they are also easy to fit on one trucks (to keep the cable as short as possible).

@JohnnyMeduse: so would a 6355 use less continuous amps as compared to a 6374? and which one would get hotter at a speed of about 30km/h?

In what kind of road you want to use your board… because on flat ground they probably gonna be similar, but if you want to climb some step hill, then I will recommand 6374… but from personal experience (I had a single 6355 setup, and I’m around 180lbs) nerver had any problem going up to 30 and more climing hill and follow other people using 6374… So, it kind of personal preference, if you go for a dual 6355 or 6374 you will just upgrade the torque :wink:

i have some pretty long hills here near zurich…and I was just wondering if the continuous amps drawn by the two motors would be different. with two 6374 motors on flats I am max drawing about 35amps continuous…going up hill i hit up to 50amps…so all within the 54amps limit.

Have you ever seen Evolve GT climb hills ?? ,… it uses even smaller 50mm motors !

So i would’nt worry to much with 2, 6355 motors

I think with smaller motor, you probably gonna draw less amp on the flat, but more in the climb ( it’s probably going to be close a the end)

@Randyc1: yes i have and i have tried it out last week…very impressive. but just because evolve uses these motors does not mean they are the most efficient. so i just would like to hear from you more experienced guys some theory, so that i can understand what impact the motor size has, while keeping the kv, battery power, gearing ratio, wheel size the same

I myself will be bulding a double and will probably use 6355 motors.

I have dual 6355 motors at 190kV and 10S at 16/36 gearing on 90mm wheels, this thing is basically a monster and I’ve never noticed overheating. I’ve always wondered if I could use the same VESC settings but with 5055 motors and achieve the same performance. I might buy some one day to test it out and see if they heat up significantly. I feel like with a moderately tuned dual setup you could keep them cool.

Also the main reason people usually go for 6355 instead of 6374 for dual setups is because 6355 is as big as you can go to fit 2 of them on a Caliber II hanger.

What Make of motors you using Nick ?

What 10s …P battery and how much range you get?



I’m using a 8Ah lipo I haven’t done a proper range test yet though.

What motors ?

The link in the last post.

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