Most torque for the money?

Trying to figure out which would be better for me, over 300 pounds (board and body) low speed grass and dirt, considering 2 stage gear box for large reduction. Currently thinking dual drive with (sk3 - 6374 - 149kv, as an example) seems the way to go. I also can’t help but consider something like e-glide uses (first brand esk8 I had heard of) single drive Scooter Controller and Motor. That one’s more than I want to spend, but I’m sure there’s better prices.


Man, I think the link of E-Glide Motor is for a brushed motor, I have seen just one man that made a Esk8 with a Brushed Motor. For the KV of the motor, Search a bit in the Forum, there is a lot of people talking about it

If you have the budget, you might consider building a 4wd with 6355 motors. I don’t think you’ll need a 2 stage gear reduction. just get 40t wheel pulleys for street wheels or larger for off-road wheels. 4wd would be expensive though. the controller you linked is expensive and it’s not even wireless.

bulid a E-Trampa with gearbox. if your motors are strong enough there´s no need for 4wd. look here

The BillyGoay build for my son moves me, it’s a longboard using sk3-6354, vesc and 3mm pitch by 15mm eBay motor mount and I’m 285lbs. I’m sourcing parts to build a e-Mbs with the same motor(dual drive)

Thanx everyone. I started looking about wheelchair motors and now I’m even more torn, lol

You shouldn’t need a gearbox. Dual SK3 6374 149kv would have plenty of torque if geared correctly. What is your top end desired speed?

Only around 10 mph, but most of the time will be around 3 mph.

Only 10mph? Im guessing here but im sure a 15t to 40t should easily get you into the 15mph with a 10s

A gearing ratio of about 5:1 would generate about the most possible torque from an SK3 6374, using a belt/pulley combination on all-terrain wheels. At this point though, chains are probably a better solution…

72T is the largest HTD 5mm pulley available at SPD/SI. It is 4.5" in diameter so ~6" wheels would be needed. You generally don’t to go below 14T on the motor pulley to minimize slipping. Therefore your max gearing ratio in this configuration is 72:14 = 5.14:1

Adding a second motor does not affect speed, but doubles your available torque.

Assuming 6" (152mm) tires: