Motion-powered LEDs for skateboard wheels?

I am trying to find the LEDs which are used in those flashing skateboard wheels which flash when they are turning. It has to be some capsule with copper wiring, magnet and LED. Does anyone have a clue where to find those? Or do I need to buy the wheels and cut them out?

I want to attach these motion-powered LEDs to my 96mm wheels on Backfire because I couldn’t find any 96mm flashing skateboard wheels on the market. Also, do you have any other suggestions on how to make the wheels flash when they turn?

Look at the picture above, there’s a plastic core containing the LEDs, maybe drivers and probably wired to a central ring magnet. Next your wheel needs a magnet spacer with opposite polarity so when you roll the two magnets create eddy currents which power up the LEDs.

So there’s no led capsule per se, it’s a whole assembly cast into the core which is then cast into the polyurethane.

How are you planning to attach it to your wheels?