Motor acting weird above certain throttle point

Hello, my skateboard runs on a:

  • 10s5p 11ah li-ion battery
  • Maytec vesc 4.12
  • 6374 149KV SK3 Motor
  • ppm - BLDC - Current with smart reverse mode

My problem is that when i’m getting above a certain throttle level, (With load - at a leveled surface\down hill it doesn’t happen) the motor starts making a weird sound, and becomes a little little bit weaker, and then when i slowly lower the throttle, i get to a point that eveything becomes normal again and i get just a slightly bit more power.

Is anyone familiar with the situation?

I have another question, when im trying to use FOC using the auto detection, my top RPM is waaay slower than in BLDC, and again weird noises from the motor (even on a leveled surface or down hill)

Thanks a lot!!! :slight_smile:

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