Motor and Battery Min REGEN Help!

Hello I am trying to configure my min REGEN for both motor and battery because everytime i am going fast and I brake it doesn’t. The VESC light starts blinking red and then after that I can start slowing braking or accelerating. So I basically end up with no brakes. Can anyone help me with this? My current motor min is -40.00 A and Battery is -12.00 A. Thanks!! USING ENERTION SPACE CELL 3, VESC AND 6372 Motor

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Take a screenshot of your settings.

I have a Space Cell 3 and these are my voltage limits. From my limited experience so far, that’s the only think I see that’s off of the norm.

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that did the trick!! thanks a lot!!!

Nice! Happy to help.

Ok so went for an hour of riding to test out everything. Everything seemed fine until I have going at max speed I guess 23+ plus and I suddenly hit the brakes because i saw someone crossing the street and the board braked for 0.1 seconds and i felt it stopped braking. I tried to brake again and it didn’t do anything, after like 3 seconds i tried it again and it braked but this time i wen easy on the throttle while braking. It was a very scary experience. Curious to know what causes that. Any help will be appreciated as I need to fix that…let me know what do you guys think. My specs/screenshot of current set up are on the first post.