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Motor and pulley option for 6" pneumatic wheels

My first build was completly drafted around the 149kv motor I picked up not too long ago (12S , 15:36 pulleys, & 97mm fly clones)

Recently i picked up a 245kv G160 & hopefully soon I’ll be acquiring a set of 6" pneumatics.

My question is: what setup would yield best overall results?

SK3 149kv, 12s, 15:60 pulley, with 6" pneumatics 6616rpm theoretical Top speed 29mph


G160 245kv, 9s, 15:60 pulleys, with 6" pneumatics 8158rpm theoretical top speed 36mph

I’m 150lbs soaking wet and surrounded by corn fields so hills are not a concern.

If you’re going to be on flat terrain either set up will work. I weigh 200 and like my 245kv motors. If you do go with the 149kv though, maybe you should try a 17t or 18t motor pulley.

@LucidLunacy I also weigh 150 pounds, and my daily ride has 5" pneumatics, 8s, 14:60, 245KV. I have the ERPM capped at 4.5K and I regularly hit 21.5MPH. I could uncap the ERPM to go faster, but I don’t want to! Acceleration and good carving are where the fun is for me, most of my riding is at 12-14MPH in a suburban environment. If you wan to climb to 36MPH, def wear full pads, full face helmet, and consider leathers!

Like @psychotiller said, I think either setup will work. Were it me, I’d go with the 245KV and 9s, if only to save weight and money.

Yeah I think the 149 will sit on the shelf for now. Thanks @psychotiller @treenutter! Probably going to get 13T and 14T to do some comparisons.