Motor and truck width noob questions on first build

Where’s my tip?


@LeonCamero I am here to help OP with questions, not you. If you want help, send me a purchase order. I checked, but didn’t find one. My rate is $185/hr in 1 hour increments.

Sorry, I don’t need help from someone who copy pastes. Please find another that best suits you. I’m sure there are other fishes out in the sea. If you’re helping the OP, then don’t reply to anyone BUT the op. Take your words seriously. Looking really hypocritical here.

My help will cost you though. But be grateful.

@LeonCamero I am here to help OP with questions, not you. If you want help, send me a purchase order. I checked, but didn’t find one. My rate is $185/hr in 1 hour increments.

This is not the OP. Please draw your attention to the OP, and only the OP.

Thank you.

I may be interested in those, planning on 6374 dual motors, they ought to work, right?

Yes they will work with those motors. I will pm you.

Hey way to call someone you don’t even know names and be negative. You wanna know something? I’m one of the most considerate people around and I do care about people around me, I pay attention to my surroundings and give way to everybody else on door or in cars. I DONT go driving around like some jackass out of control freak like a lot of people these days do so why don’t you get to know someone before you go calling them names and wishing bad on them. I live in Missouri I drive motorcycles they lifted the helmet law I’m not wearing a helmet where I ride my motorcycle doing 80 or 90 miles an hour why would I wear one on a skateboard okay I’m tired of hearing the bull stuff about freaking helmets and pads it’s all everybody ever freaking talks about it’s getting fucking old if people want to fucking be safe they can work helmets and pads hell I recommend that people wear helmet and pads to anybody else who gets on skateboard I recommend to do me I’m not going to I don’t need to I don’t want to so drop the conversation about shit. It’s kinda like religious people trying to push the religion on you hey buddy I believe what I believe I’m happy with it leave me alone quit trying to push your religion down my throat. I don’t try to push mine down yours I’m not trying to go in some campaign about not wearing helmets I’m just tired of people saying that you have to and if I want to die that’s my business my life is my life has nothing to affect anybody else. Boy if this is the kind of people that this sport draws a bunch of liberal whiny pussies then maybe I’m in the wrong freaking sport that’s why I skate by myself cuz screw everybody else and I have a bucking blast doing it too!

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And here I thought I was the negative one.

Oh boy. If you only knew…

But, I’ll say this, you do you. No one can really say much. You can only learn by experience.

You’re not considerate if you think crashing dying, and getting electric skateboards banned in Missouri is doing anyone a favor.

I also lived in Missouri my whole life until a couple months ago. I know about the helmet laws. They can’t ban motorcycles though, it would be political suicide. If one person gets killed skating without a helmet, they can and will ban electric skateboards in the blink of an eye. It’s an easy political win for them.

:laughing: :rofl: :laughing: :rofl:

Hypocrisy aside, I do hope the laws get better for esk8. It sucks that it’s still in the gray area and got ruined for NYC because of our mayor’s decision.

All of you who refuse to use a helmet. I think it’s pretty safe to say you haven’t really experienced a severe crash yet. If a helmet saved your life once, I think you’d think differently.

Being an experienced skater is always a +, but there are so much more unpredictable stuff that can happen on an esk8 compared to an analog.

Most of us (hopefully) show respect to our surroundings but we can’t ever count on others to do the same. Just think about all the idiots who managed to get a drivers licence (we all probably know a few)

And saying not wearing a helmet only affects you is pretty simpleminded. Even if you don’t have any loved ones, are old or whatever… If you die or walk away from a crash with a pedestrian or car affects the other party tremendously.


Save when they’re the ones who are actually trying to run you over. And predestrians who doesn’t look both ways before deciding to cross over during a red light. Ah NYC…

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Always ride as if everyone else wants you to crash


Whole heartedly agree.