Motor/Battery questions for First Build

Hey all,

So I’ve begun the process that is my first build. I’ve figured out what I’m going to be using for a lot of the non-electric parts, but I need some help determining my motor/battery combo. I’m going to run a single motor set-up on this first build to simplify things, but there a lot of options if you’re just going with one motor. Here’s what I need help determining.

  • Motor kV rating
  • Motor size (6374 vs 6355)
  • Battery size/type I live in a relatively flat area and would like my board to be on the faster end (approx. top speed of 25 mph/40 kph). Range is not as big of an issue for me, but ideally at leat 10 miles/16 km would be appreciated. If anyone has a single motor setup that’s worked well for them, I’d love to see your work. Any and all thoughts are appreciated.


6374 190kv 12mm belt 15t by 36t gearing, 90mm wheels and a 10s3p or 10s4p battery


Thanks for the advice. Out of curiosity, why the 190 kv over a larger kv rating? Is it to keep the motor from getting too hot?

190kv at 10s stays below the 60k ERPM limit but gives sufficient torque and speed.

The torque, it’s the difence between kick pushing off and starting and stopping and being able to go on a hill

I really appreciate the tips guys. I’ll be sure to upload photos once I start putting all the parts together.

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