Motor braking parameters on maytech 200A vesc ONLY -15A?

The maytech vesc:

My specs: Samsung 30Q 10s4p, 6374 192kv turnigy motor and the maytech vesc

I got this vesc and after 2 weeks of use it broke. I do not know the problem and sent it back to maytech. There it was stopped by the import people, and I had to pay 70 $, so I got a good prize from maytech and got a new one. I thought my parameters I used were good, and when I got the new one I sent my parameters to maytech for them to check. Turns out my parameter on the -50 A engine brake was way too high and I should ONLY use -15 with my -12 battery regen. With this I have no braking force at all, but I can not understand why it must be so low? On the last vesc (focbox) I used -50 amps, and it never stopped. So I asked them and got this answer "Please check article below:

Motor Current Max Brake, should be generally set 10A higher than Battery Current Max Regen.

Battery Current Max Regen should be set according to 80% of the maximum charging current that the battery/battery protection board can absorb.

Is this really the case with all vesc or is the maytech’s vesc just that bad? If it is the case what would be the best parameters to use for braking? I was thinking -30 motor brake and -20 battery regen.

Thanks in advance!