Motor built into the trucks?

i know allot of people like hub motors. but it made me wonder why haven’t i seen motors built into the trucks? as long as the wheel is larger there should be no problem on a longboard also with some cut out designs for ventilation and looks i think it would look nice. it would make changing wheels easier. you could call them phat trucks. is there anything i’m missing that stops this idea?

Like how carvon does it?

wow yes just like that or maybe mounted inside a tube to bad there asking a crazy price for them. i would love to have one but $2000 is to much. i could never afford something that lavish. i’m looking to build something in the $400 range as i am on a limited income.

you sir are a god among electric skateboarders i applaud your creations and bow before you. i wish i had the tool’s and equipment to build something even half as magnificent as your creations. right now the best i’ll ever be able to do is dual belt driven and that will take me 4-5 months to save up the money for.

Honestly if you wan’t the cheapest build possible just buy Chinese hubs and ESC and you are set it’s somewhat very durable (never broke any Chinese esc) It will cost you 200$ and the rest is for battery/deck

i would like to go that rout but i weigh around 270lbs. hubs don’t have allot of torque compared to belt drive from what i read online. thats why i was thinking motor in trucks or belt drive. i probably will go with a dual set of Racerstar 5065 with a 3:1 or 4:1 gear ratio and Chinese esn. not sure how parallel and series works with battery’s but i’ll have to figure it out to save money. i just ordered this board as the basis for my build other parts will have to wait a month or two

You can do 4WD carvon :wink: @allanworks

if you weigh that much go for dual 6355s, those racerstars aren’t gonna give you that much power

i wish at $600 per truck i would die from sticker shock $400-$600 is my total build cost excluding the board cost. i needed a new board anyways so the $200 for that i don’t count against the build.

what about the Turnigy SK8 5045-195KV or there 150kv version there about the same price.

With all due respect with your weight you gonna need dual motor and a very good battery so maybe count for like 700-800 $ Go for 12S and at least 4P with 30Q