Motor Can Coming Loose?

That should be a (DIN 471 external circlip) 10mm

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Nice spud with a land wheel drive. How does it ride?

Scary. I don’t know how any of you can build a fast board with the Spud. After riding to the office with the long and wide Hummie build, the Spud felt so tiny.

The Landwheel isn’t bad but the hub urethane is starting to chunk.

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Mine actually goes only 40km and I feel stable with it. Of coourse longer board are more stable.

Which motor Brand is it ?

No idea who makes them, but these were sold by @scepterr as “Dark Matters”

ok thank you.

…Maytech has a little nipple at the end of motor where you have access to the Grub screw

…Sk3 have 2 grub screws at the end.

Hey bro. I fixed my loose can issue, it was the c-clip that came loose on the motor shaft. Don’t know if this was your issue with your loose motor but figured I can share :grin:

My circlip was fine. I added a washer behind it and it stopped the movement. BUT because the washer has a large outer diameter it pushed up against the mount. I’m waiting for a proper 10mm washer that would fit and should solve the issue

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Well after “fixing” it twice by applying new loctite and torquing down the grub/set screw, it looks like I’ll have to take the (learn to) motor apart and dremel the shaft?

I was going to check out the trail today and noticed the shaft move out at mile 4, so I decided to turn back around. Thought I was gonna eat it.

@JLabs this answers your question :unamused: when are those motors coming it!?

@scepterr any assistance from you since you got these? I would love to get a replacement from the manufacturer becuase this is defective! Rather not open it up.


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maybe you could try using 638 loctite. That and boring through the hardened axle fixed mine…

@Mikenopolis I have the same motors ( from a different vendor) and my shafts keep slipping too. No amount of lock tight seems to fix it. Imo the grub screws that are used are too small to tighten down sufficiently. I ended up knocking the shaft out, re drilling and tapping the grub screws to a larger size then re fitting the shaft.

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Also one of my motors seems to have developed bad vibration at one particular frequency, I’m sure it’s a balance issue with the motor bell. I would love to know where I could by a replacement shaft and bell.

I’m think of pulling out the shaft and drilling a dimple on the shaft so the grub screw has something to hold on to. What I’m afraid of is the grub screw being bent…well I guess that really locks it up then.

I have no idea where to get replacement cans and shaft. I assume you have to figure out the Chinese manufacturer and ask them directly. I actually ordered two other motors so I’ll probably swap them so I won’t have down time while figuring out the repair

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Same thing is happening to me… pretty frustrating

the grub screws are just to small to get tight enough without rounding the hex’s. I put 4mm grub screws back in and it seems solid. After reading this thread i just checked my other motor and noticed that started slipping to. guess its going to get the same treatment soon.

I just ordered these motors… hope I don’t have the same problems.

I had the same problem motor replaced and problem is gone tho I’m facing a different problem now. Can is moving up and down slightly and it makes a clicking noise when running. When I accelerate clicking sound vanishes but still not comfortable with that Can moving up and down. And it only moves on the specific spot of the can. This makes me wonder if it is grub screw problem… any suggestions?