Motor Can making clicking sounds and and high resistance at low speeds

I have run my bkb motors not even 5 miles and one already is having problems :frowning: When traveling at low speeds there is very high resistance and a clicking sound, however at higher speeds it runs perfectly fine. I noticed the motor can moves a tiny bit when pushed, but it’s barely noticeable and looks fine from the outside. Can someone explain what’s going on? All I want to do is ride!! :cry:

Videos will do more than words ever can. My guess is a bad bearing but honestly it could be a lot of things.

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broken magnet most likely, any chance you could open up the motor?

@strattos @Gamer43 it is too late tonite but tomorrow I will take videos and open up the motor. The motor by itself doesn’t make that much of a clicking sound and runs smoothly however when the belt and wheel is on and it is under load it can barely spin.

Sounds like your belt tension is wayy to tight, or maybe your axle lock but is too tight causing more resistance. It dosnt sound like the motor just because of how you describe it.

Either way, I’m sure we will be able to help you figure it out!


Ok, I believe I have found the problem, but I’m not quite sure how to fix it. I noticed that both motors spin fine with no load. But then when I add pullies to the motor shaft, just pullies no belt, they make the clicking sound. So I think the lip of the insides of the pullies are very uneven and are rubbing against the belt. I still don’t understand why I am getting such high resistance at only low speeds though.

Are you sure you did motor detection correctly? I would reprogram your VESC completely. Also be sure there is enough space between your motor pulley and the motor mount so it dosnt rub.

Have you done the motor test yet, you probably messed up your settings on the vesc tool

I think I fixed the problem, it may have been a phase wire that was coming unplugged, but the clicking was definitely from the pullies

Glad it was worked out :+1:

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I’m having a similar problem except the cans on my motors can move a little bit out, so is there something that’s loose in the motor?

Yes the can is most likely loose. Sorry I couldn’t respond sooner, most users aren’t very active on this forum anymore, make a post detailing ur problems on https://forum./ you will have lots of help and support over there