Motor clamp wiggling around

I own a LiftBoard dual. One of the motor mounts is wiggling around, and i was wondering how to tighten the clamp. Thanks

allen wrench, there should be three grub screws you can tighten

Where are the grub screws located, can you send a picture?

It should be on the motor mount, the screws go into the trucks. I have an older version (Benchwheel) so maybe they’ve redesigned some of the hardware since then.

I dont know what the screws look like without pics :frowning:

The hardware is the same, just different battery and ESC

See the little screw next to the axle? There should be a couple of those

So do i have to remove everything includimg the belt and motor cover?

I appreciate the help

at least the wheel, depends if your hands/tools are small enough to fit without removing.


Ill do it tommorow Thanks!

And how many are there? I replaced bearings today, and only noticed one.

If there is only one, you could do a little Diy improvement by drilling and tapping a couple additional holes. Having 3 grub screws would be a definite improvement.

Is it okay to use an allen wrench?

Is it okay to use an allen wrench to tighten

It’s ok. But you might want to take the screw out first and put some blue thread lock on it so that it doesn’t come loose again.

Make sure you use the exact wrench size, less you strip your screws.

Ok i tightened it. i dont think i stripped the screws. Should i be worried any longer?

i believe @Jinra is referring to not stripping the hex head of the grub screw by using a good wrench that fits properly.

And, “Don’t worry, Be happy” But check those screws periodically incase they get loose again.

Thanks for all the help man. Thats all

Grub screws are shit. Weld that bastard on.

I went to a local welder, and ask him if he would weld my mounts on. it took about 5 minutes total.
He didn’t even charge me, I gave him $20 for his tine.