Motor close to the ground!


After some rides, my motor has gotten very scratched up as it is very close to the ground. Feel free to throw out any ideas on how to fix this.


Bigger wheels, different motor mounts?

If it’s just the motor can then it probably still runs fine and shouldn’t be a huge issue. I’d try to adjust your mount to get as much clearance as possible without bumping into the board while turning. If you’re still getting scratches then you may want to get some sort of vinyl wrap and cover the outside of the motor with it.

We can’t help you without know what your current setup is. Name parts and post pics.

Are you able to change the angle of your mount or is it fixed?


I have:

  • 83 MM Wheels

  • No risers, I have a drop-through deck

  • This Mount: diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-only/

I can change it but I already have it close to the board.


I built a cover made out of a can which works great, but I am still worried about going over a bump or something like that.

Take a photo of your motor and board so we can see what we’re dealing with :thumbsup:

Is there a way to have a dropthrough board and risers?

Yea @Namasaki is right, you need atleast 1/2 inch risers for a drop through deck

This is my original build way back when, and I’m even using 70mm standard wheels here, (I’ve upgraded somewhat since this photo), but I’ve got a drop-through deck and I’ve got ample clearance. My motor has never scraped on anything…

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Not true…I have proven it time and again

Well if that were true then you shouldn’t have said this ^ right? It pretty much looks like you know for certain with what you said here that it doesn’t work with belts. <img

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What about 90’s, or 97’s or 105’s or 107’s or 150’s?

My point is, if you give an advice or an opinion just make sure you realize you may not have all of the information…And if you don’t have the knowledge, let people know what you’ve tried and leave it at that instead of writing it as if that’s the only way and just how it is. It happens too much on this forum and sadly people run with half of the information.

With drop-thru you have to mount motor backwards if you want proper clearance or use smaller motor like 50xx but i recommend that first one. But usually you need longer mounting plate and belt to do this. Also you can always top mount that drop-thru despite it looks silly if you don’t cover those holes.


Thanks I will try this!

@Nikolas We have a different motor mount for a reverse mount if you want more “angle”. diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/reverse-motor-mount-only/

Shouldn’t this work with a normal motor mount. It looks the same.

i run a 1/4 and 1/8 riser stacked on eachother and 76mm wheels, considering you have bigger wheels risers should solve the problem. also check to make sure you have your motor mount angled as close to the deck as you can get it without it rubbing on the trucks when you turn