Motor clunking with vesc?

So i recently got my vesc…went to install it and basically when i programmed it it all saved and was all perfect but when i gave it throttle the motor doesnt move and just clunks and occasionally gives LOADS of throttle and i cant find what it is…is it the motor wires ? If anyone knows PLEASE tell me !

Thanks guys.

What type of supply do you use, also are you in FOC or bldc ?

Im in bldc

Ok have you done a motor detection ? And what type of supply and motor are you using

Yeah done That I got a 6s lipo with a 320kv motor

I might sound stupid but are your battery fully charge ?

Charged = 25.2v ( MAX ) Mines on = 22.7v

Maybe you should charge them then retry(at that voltage they might not provide enought current to power your motor)…also what are your bldc tool parameter for the vesc cutoff start and cutoff (or just post a screenshoot)

Ok ill try , do you mean cut off for the battery??

No vesc cutoff, but battery cutoff should stay at 8v (or in that area)

Oh i dont think i set that…whats it under?

Never try it before :thinking:

do you mean the min input and max input here?

No the cutoff start and end

the cutoff start and end need to be lowed for detection. delete the leading 2’s. write config. motor detection. test. put the 2s back. write.

go ride!

also that is too high for 6s, you’ll be on half power.

3.36 start 3.56 end is the usual.

Yes i know there too high but i got that off google just to show you…also what do you mean leading 2’s?