Motor cogging?Is there a setting that can eliminate this?

Hey guys so at low speeds in grass or pavement mostly grass my motors cog.Im wondering if their is a way to set it up for smoother acc.Its 8085 170kv sesored motors on a 11t-50t 225mm wheels.Trampa vesc6 esc.Could this issue be the kv is too high to run at slow speed?

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Post your vesc settings

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Are you running sensorless in the vesc tool instead of sensored or hybrid?

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You have to run sensored FOC, there is cogging in sensored or hybrid BLDC mode.

I have this annoying cogging now too after the latest firmware update. I am not sure which firmware caused it though but 3.47 maybe Screenshot_20190329-194634

Your gearing seems a little off for such a large tire diameter, I could be wrong. Another thing that could be the cause of the cogging is a failed hall sensor. If your motorplates aren’t aligned or off a little in the wrong way, the can rubs against the sensors and breaks them. This happened to me on a 6374 170kv from improper alignment. I desoldered 2 of the 3 sensors and replaced them.

sorry guys for the late reply i will show my settings when i get off work.Its foc sensored with halls