Motor cogs during speed

Hello, i sorta finished my first build, but i have a huge problem.

Throttling from standstill works fine, but of course the motor will cog a little bit when i do that, because of the weight on the motor.

But if the board is rolling downhill and i don’t touch the throttle, meaning 0%, as soon as i accelerate the motor will cog and throw me off. The board will instantly stop and make screeching sounds. The same thing happens if i brake, but not always. The brakes usually work just fine, but sometimes the brake won’t respond until i brake a lot, then the board stops and cog. When i’m going downhill the brakes sometimes stop working aswell, basically the brakes completely die. If i jump off the board and throttle a bit forward, the brakes will work again. The cogging only happens when i’m not touching the throttle, meaning if it’s at 0% throttle and i move the thumbstick in either direction. Sometimes i can throttle from standstill and if i keep the board at speed then brake, the brakes will work just fine, but If i then start to accelerate again, the board will stop and cog.

Share some info about your gear… Battery, Motor etc

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It sounds like you haven’t done, or didn’t apply a motor detection.

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Yes, i’m using a torqueboards 6374 motor. 36/13 gearing i THINK. I use a 50 volt 18650 battery, 9450 mah. Built it myself. I use the enertion vesc-x. I’m also using the winning remote. Orangatang kegel wheels.

Hmm i have done the detection and hit apply, is there more to it?

Were the VESC-x’s capable of 12s?

Did you write config after that then reboot VESC?

Yes it’s capable of 12s and i did write and reboot.

What is your motor KV? It needs to be 170kv max in order to stay within the erpm 60000 limit

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It’s 190 KV. What erpm are you talking about? I could also say that when i try to spin the motor with BLDC, it just makes a clicking sound, it won’t spin.

Try this

Motor max 80 Motor min -40 Batt max 40 Batt min -15

But it does sound like your hitting your set erpm limit

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You set the erpm values to 60000. If you have 190kv and 12s it means - 12*4.2[v]*7[poles]*190[KV] =~ 67,000.

Try checking the “hit erpm with negative torque” check box and try again, it might help.

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Ok i put BR ERPM to 60000,00.

But this happens when i do calibration:

Hmm, Its seems like the motor loses it’s poles position for some reason.

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Slightly increase your low duty at detection to about 0,1… but shouldnt make a difference in the parameters received

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Wow thanks, it works! But what does the Min ERPM really do? It’s at 850 now.

My guess is you’ve got a loose connection. Perhaps you haven’t done motor detection. Do you have hall sensors or not?

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No it’s sensorless

that’s how you street your face


Hmm Then I probably got it wrong