Motor cover? Anybody got one?

Anybody actually cover their motor? I’m looking to just for extra protection, but haven’t really found a good looking one. Anyone have one or a 3D file to print? I looked at the Yuneec one, looked okay, would that work with other motors, or just the ego?

There are already 2 other threads about this.

I searched them, but there wasn’t much there, unless I was looking at the wrong place?

So sorry, I thought you meant cover for the belt. I’ve only ever seen one person cover the actual motor. Not worth it IMO.

Mm yeah it is a small thing, but I’d like to go the extra bit.

I saw this:

But not sure if it’d only fit the Yuneec, or maybe it can possibly fit on other motors. Would have to know how it’s mounted on Yuneecs board though. I’ll think about it more.

I have the yuneec motor cover if anyone is interested.

How much shipped to Aus? Do you have any more pics? I saw your post but wasn’t many pics of it in particular. Do you think it’d fit other motors?

Pm me address I can check cost. The diameter would fit most motors but the distance from the drive wheel and angle and interference from mounting plate would be things to check.

I designed and am printing one now.

Looks interesting, show pics when you’re finished!

I was thinking of making one out of waterproof cloth fabric - the fabric they make deck umbrellas from - but I haven’t really followed up on it. Waterproofing (well, water resisting) is still on the list, but it’s a ways down.

I made this one, can’t say if it helps to protect little rocks from entering between the belt and pulleys, but looks a lot nicer than nothing

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Looks great. I wanna paint my motor black to match my cover too, but not sure how to go about it, not really wanting to take it apart anyways. Guess it’ll have to do.

I designed this 3 piece motor/belt/gear cover for mine and printed them up. I’m sure if I’ll post a build log when I’m done but I’ll at least post up finished pictures. Next step is to router the bottom of my pintail flat and reinforce it with fiberglass.

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Looks great. Have you tested it during riding, the middle part looks kind of thin, could maybe crack or something? Not an expert in 3d printing so not sure how strong these things are.

Well it’s half a cm thick of solid abs plastic, go any thicker and I’m losing ground clearance lol. I’m not sure how it looks from the photo but those are 3 m3 bolts running into the plastic if that gives you a better idea of thickness.

Maybe you can share the file? Seems like a Caliber 2 truck with @psychotiller mount?

@mccloed can make you one

A mount or motor cover?