Motor covers : protect the motor

Has anyone use a motor cover? Most of the eboards here i see a naked motor. No cover.

Is a motor cover necessary ? I find this on thhingiverse, anyone try this?

Motor covers insulate heat and impede natural air cooling while skating, so I wouldn’t use it personally.

I get what u mean, but if we dont cover it all the way, just the side which is facing the street, it would be half of the motor covered, and i think the air can flow through there, right? Or am i missing something?

if you’re covering half, it kind of defeats the point which is to prevent small scratches on the motor. It’s largely cosmetic.

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Don’t forget about debris getting caught between the motor can and the cover. That could be a thing. One piece of road junk could ruin your day.

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A small rock got lodged in between my belt and belt cover once and carved a line down my belt almost splitting it into two…

Covers are largely unnecessary and can lead to problems.


Wow thank much, guys. Did not think covers could be this problemactic :smile:

Ps: this is why i love the community.

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Thank much @anorak234