Motor detection bldc or foc

Do I do a motor detection in bldc then foc? Or is it one or the other? #newbie

you mean sensorless application?

You either run a BLDC motor detection or FOC detection. You can run both at the same time.

I have 6374 190kv motor with hall sensor from torque boards. I fried one vesc already. So is this considered a sensor motor. Also it’s rated for 80amps. Do I put that in motor max amps. Should I run motor detection in bldc mode or FOC. Thank you!!

I would do BLDC detection only if you want to stay on the safe side. Go FOC later. You can set 80A max like the rating of your motor. But better start reading all the nice information on this forum first and then I would ask your remaining/advanced questions later :wink: