Motor detection fail

Hello there. I ride my skateboard for a day after that was doing a rare noise but I didn’t give so much importance. Next day I Turn it on it star flashing the red light on the vesc when I press the trigger on the remote. when I check on the BLDC tool said motor detection fail and the red light star flashing again on the vesc.

Sounds like dvr chip has blown. Go to “terminal” in bldc tool and type in faults

It saids invalid comand : faults

says fault code drv8302 right there.

you blew your vescs

What does that mean. Do I have to buy a new one

If so wich vesc you recommend me ?

you could send it to be repaired by @JohnnyMeduse or you could sell it as parts and upgrade to a more reliable FocBox (from @evoheyax or @longhairedboy if you are in the states) , or if you have the money to spend get a VESC 6 from @trampa

I live in Miami Fl. I dont know how much could coast repair it.

Pm @JohnnyMeduse and get a quote, or search VESC repair because there may be others closer to you that could.

Johnny is located in canada, if you ship it to him, expect to pay 15$ for shipping to him, and about 3-4 weeks before you get it back. It’ll also cost around 40$.

On the other hand, you could just sell the broken vesc for 50$ on the forum and get a focbox.

Can you tell me the steps to sell the vesc what should I do. Thanks