Motor detection failed (Stutters) focbox

Hey guys! So today i was about to install my new Focboxes. I have an issue during the motor detection.

Motor spins up well in start of the detection but in the end of the detection it studders as crazy and detection fails. No faults in terminal. I can use the keyboard to control motor and that works perfectly.

Just wondering could this be due to a bad solder connection? Or is it something else im missing? My other standard vesc 4.12 has no issue detecting with the same settings.

Appreciate the help.

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Can you please share your Motor detection tab settings and also it would be great if you record a video during detections? Also tell us about your setup and are you using FOC or BLDC?

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Hey Carl. Sure here is a video that shows what happening during detection.

My setup Dual 6355 190kv motors Battery 10s4p samsung 30Q cells

This is when setting up in bldc. No fault codes in terminal after failed detection.

Sorry man but screen is not clear and fully visible Try recording another video

Video is only to show the problem, im uploading photos of settings now! :slight_smile:


Please share because that sound came when we do detection in FOC mode

Well im only using BLDC to be on the safe side.


Your maximum input voltage is high, it must be below 50.4V I think, Try lowering it and adjust the minimum and maximum accordingly and try performing a detection again

Same issue with voltage 50.4.

It seems like its only the last part of the detection that fails. Spins up fine first then slows down and stutters.

What firmware you are on the FOCBOX?

Im using Ackmaniac FW 3.100 Saw you recommended that in another thread.

lower the batt max must be 30A And Batt Min 15A

Batt Max is high for 10s system

I use 30A max on battery A. And Battery min at -8A so i dont overcharge the cells on braking

But honestly those values shouldn’t affect the motor detection? No problem with detection motors with my maytech vesc,

What lights you got when you do the detection on FOCBOX?

No lights and no fault in terminal tab after detection. Just says Bad detection in the corner of the vesc tool.

There isn’t any light lit on the FOCBOX?

There are lights but they dont change while doing motor detection. Power light is on.

@barajabali please have a look to this one. @Bjork3n If you purchased it from us then try downgrading the firmware and perform detections using Enertion’s BLDC tool.

Im uploading a video now to show the issue.