Motor detection issues on unity. Faulty motor? Or something else?

I just finished putting my diy lacroix together and unfortunately it’s already sidelined.

I think one of my motors somehow got screwed up. It was riding fine when I first hooked everything up but about after two days of riding it I was getting motor cuts and jerking. I thought it was just my short phase wires coming loose so I extended them and when I went to re-detect the motors I’m getting errors from the unity.

Can someone help me decipher what the below error could be? I get the same error from the other side when I swap the side of the unity the motor is hooked up to so it has to be the motor right? What could cause this?

image image

First pic is sensored second is unsensored

Figured it out one of my phase wires was hanging in by a thread at the base of the motor under all heat shrink I couldn’t feel it before. image image

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