Motor detection not working all the time

hey guys

I’m working on a project of e-bikes ordered parts everything needed for a ebike things like battery motors and all


on youtube and other places i found that focbox is the best esc in the market so i ordered just to make 1 prototype

n OMG its not able to run the motor at all :triumph:

I’m not able to do a motor detection, In terminal no faults
then tried foc ( r = 0 ) :disappointed:

motor run’s cheap ESC but not on foc even doe being so expensive guys plz help invest a lot of money in this prototype

lol what

what’s your setup? batt cutoffs? battery voltage? motor kv?

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42v battery 10s 2p panasonic 1865b 3400mAh battery cut off @33v motor 35kw


Are you running the stock vesc tool(3.) On a focbox. Or are you running 2. Firmware?

If it’s the first… You’ll never get a detection… you’ll need ackmaniac 3.100 or go back to 2.*** Firmware.

yes Mr. deckoz can u help me in doing this im stuck for a long time cause I have no idea how it done and I never done it , this is my 1st time can you help me in setting it up please :bowing_man:t2:

*Show photographs of your wiring *Provide a proper description of what you have done, what firmware you are using, if the motor reacts at all

if the motor is big or old, they have high resistance that requires more currents. I believe bike motor is 80% or less efficiency.

just up D value by 0.01 untill u find the detection. do not just put 0.10 like that it mass up emf coupling and u will burn something. slowly up the value. this is how I did with troublesome detection

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oo yes ill try it out