Motor efficiency vs Load Factor

Hello, I am trying to build diy vehicle, and there came few questions while doing calculations. I didnt solve one of them - what is the Load Factor, and how it differs from Motor Efficiency? while calculating the power I can get required electrical powe by dividing mechanical power by the efficiency. But I’ve noticed, that few online calculators for e-skateboard calculates also effect of something called Load Factory (or sometimes “Efficiency”), which has an impact in maximum velocity of device. There is the example: What is this? Should I consider both of factors? How to calculate it properly?

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As far as I know:

Wind factor affects efficiency as well as roads, weight and anything that causes your board to become slower and have to work more. Most of the time you would just put it around 85% for dual belts motors and around 70% for single belts. Then check your max speed and stuff accordingly. If its slower, your efficiency is lower due to many factors.

I wouldn’t really make this your main source of calculations, but it is a factor to the main set up and what you will achieve with it.

But the best info I noted was from here:

Load factor is another way of saying efficiency. Its the same thing for esk8.

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